I just wanted to post really quick and say how AWESOME Ravelry is. It makes me so happy! I’ve catalogued lots of my stash (the good stuff– I haven’t quite gotten to the random and acrylic stuff) and a handful of my projects. It’s a good excuse to use my Flickr account, which I wasn’t using much otherwise.

I’m a huge fan. The creators, Jess and Casey, are doing wonders, and every day there’s a new update to look at or find in passing. Plus there’s already lots of activity in the forums, and tons of people using and updating every day. It’s delightful. There’s opportunities to show off stash, and also to sell/trade or indicate that you’ve tossed it. You can show projects you have finished, are working on currently, are hibernating, or that you’ve frogged (complete with an “ugh!” label, very cute).

I think it’s splendid. I’ve spent a lot of this recovery time (okay, okay, and time before that too) messing around and updating things and putting pictures on it.

It’s still in beta-form, but users are getting added little by little every day. Go sign up for the waiting list if you haven’t already (but why on earth haven’t you?!?!). I was surprised and pleased when my invite came.


I can’t wait until the end of the year when I can play on it lots without feeling guilty or like my homework might be suffering. Just a few more projects! Just a few more!

My plant might be dead.


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