Home again

It’s lovely to be home. Spain was fabulous. It was sunny and warm, the days were long and full, I did tons of walking, tons of touring, tons of sight-seeing. It was a huge treat.

I didn’t get that much knitting done. XP All that walking made for some great sock-photos, but not so much sock knitting. Well, I turned the heel on the second Spring Cable sock for Kevin, and finished the first Saucy sock (which I will have to frog the toe again anyway)… okay and I finished the button band again on my Dollar and a Half Cardigan (why is it called that?), so now I can actually wear it.

Okay, so I got some knitting done.

The socks show up in a lot of pictures, though, and when I get them from J and his family, I’ll start posting them and linking and etc.

But I wanted to make mention of two things.

First, if you’re ever in Madrid, stop by Lanas Sixto at Calle Atocha 9 in the downtown area. The lady there was very nice, and complimented my Spanish skillz, and let me touch everything I wanted to. The shop was definitely different than American shops. Most of the yarn was in bins behind the counter, and I had to ask for things I wanted to touch. All the labels were legible though, and the owner was very patient with me.

(not my picture)

It was great.

Second, if you’re flying on British Airways sometime soon, be aware that knitting needles are no longer allowed on the BA flights. On the way over I had to throw my knitting stuff into J’s sister’s suitcase before it went on the belt. On the way back I moved a sock to my plastic needles, which broke during the flight (and were way suck!). I think wood/bamboo needles would be fine, because they wouldn’t show up on an x-ray as dangerous weapons, maybe, but they made me put my metal dpns away. Lame.

Though, I kept my metal dpns in my backpack flying Madrid to Barcelona, and the security guys were more worried about the orange I was carrying around than my sharp metal weapons.

So, pictures later. I’ll get into posting on the Summer of Socks, and catch up on my blogs. I’ve missed you guys!

Thanks also for all the lovely comments on the pattern. It was a real treat to find them in my email every so often, and I’m thrilled that the pattern is well received. I’m even going to design a sock for Mama E’s sock club! Squee!

Stay tuned. ^_^


  1. welcome back! πŸ™‚ of course you didn’t get a lot of knitting done–you were in spain for goodness sakes! is that a pic of lanas sixto?? it looks amazing!

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