Stole and Bag

Mystery Stole 3! Sign ups I think are closed by now, but there’s over 4000 people signed up or something… 6000? The members list in the yahoo! group claims over 6000. That’s a lot. It’s a very cool concept: Melanie, from Pink Lemon Twist, posts a section of the chart (barely any instructions, and not written out), each Friday throughout the KAL, and we don’t get to see a picture of the finished stole. So far, mine looks like this (only a lot prettier because there I go using my webcam again):

Mystery Stole

Look, there’s the chart! Row 71!
Mystery Stole and Pattern

And this afternoon, I was bit by the sewing bug (and the motivation bug), and I trotted down to the basement and my mum’s sewing machine and made this:
sock bag

It’s finally in appropriate Project Spectrum colors! It’s way cuter in person. I think my mum took the real camera with her to the show she’s running tonight.

sock bag

The lining has buttons on it. It’s adorable. And look! It fits a project! There’s the stole in the background.

I found the tutorial on a blog I read (Drago[knit]fly), here.

Also, I’m still working on my Saucy socks for Judy (sock 2 on the needles), and I knit a bit on my second Pomatomus sock. I think I knit too far, and need to rip back some to do the heel. Yar.

And someday I’ll get into college.