Stole and Bag

Mystery Stole 3! Sign ups I think are closed by now, but there’s over 4000 people signed up or something… 6000? The members list in the yahoo! group claims over 6000. That’s a lot. It’s a very cool concept: Melanie, from Pink Lemon Twist, posts a section of the chart (barely any instructions, and not written out), each Friday throughout the KAL, and we don’t get to see a picture of the finished stole. So far, mine looks like this (only a lot prettier because there I go using my webcam again):

Mystery Stole

Look, there’s the chart! Row 71!
Mystery Stole and Pattern

And this afternoon, I was bit by the sewing bug (and the motivation bug), and I trotted down to the basement and my mum’s sewing machine and made this:
sock bag

It’s finally in appropriate Project Spectrum colors! It’s way cuter in person. I think my mum took the real camera with her to the show she’s running tonight.

sock bag

The lining has buttons on it. It’s adorable. And look! It fits a project! There’s the stole in the background.

I found the tutorial on a blog I read (Drago[knit]fly), here.

Also, I’m still working on my Saucy socks for Judy (sock 2 on the needles), and I knit a bit on my second Pomatomus sock. I think I knit too far, and need to rip back some to do the heel. Yar.

And someday I’ll get into college.


  1. Too cool, thanks for signing up on Summer Socks at Ravelry! You have a very nice blog here. I am so into space! The men walked on the moon on my 17th birthday and I am so all about it! I wil have to link you up to my blog!

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