Rainy Morning

Good morning Baltimore. It’s 66 degrees Farenheight this morning, and looks a bit like this:rainy day

I didn’t go running this morning. I would have, if it had not been raining when I got up, but it was, and it’s been coming down on and off since I was up at 7:30. I was also going to drive up to Selinsgrove, PA to visit Susquehanna University today, until I discovered last night that my interview and tour are actually scheduled for Wednesday. >.< Not what I planned on.

So instead, I’m armed with cats and Robots,
<Robot on my Cat

Windows Vista and my notebook (which needs a name…)

The Sims 2

It’s nice to have some downtime. I’m also working on (sewing) a messenger bag for my notebook, but we aren’t on speaking terms right now, and I’ve left it downstairs in the dark under the sewing machine. My sewing skills are crapz.

So instead, I’m going to pet my cat, read my book, and knit. It should be a good lazy day.

In knitting news, I have been working on the Mystery Stole

and a pair of “Red Herring” socks in blue
as well as just starting Coupling by Deb Barnhill.

I have finished my Saucy socks for Judy, but didn’t take pictures of them before I gave them to her, so eager was I to get them moving on. I’ll get a picture sometime. Maybe.

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