I love starting things!

I have developed (for me) an astonishingly bad case of startitis. At this moment, regardless of hibernation or not, I have eight projects on the needles. Eight.

This is astounding.

I have finished knitting the Pomatomus socks (they don’t match, by about a quarter of a repeat). I now need to finish overdying them (not going well) so I can finally give them to my sister and maybe have them look decent.

I have also finished knitting (a long time ago) that felted notions bag that keeps hanging around. But I haven’t felted it. I didn’t feel like wasting the water. I don’t know.

But actually on my needles now are as follows:

0. Log cabin blanket. This one doesn’t count.
Log cabin

1. Qiviut wrist cuffs. I put these down because the yarn is very thin, and I’m knitting them on US 1s, and I just got tired. I’m nearly past the wrist ribbing part, and need to start increasing for the thumb gusset. I’m nearly to the interesting part! I should pick them up again before it gets real cold.

2. Mystery Stole 3. I’m through chart D, just started chart E. I like it, but I’ve been busy (sort of) in the last couple days, and lace knitting needs attention. I haven’t had much of an attention span lately.
Mystery Stole

3. Blue herring socks. Blah. I don’t know. I like the pattern, but I’m not sure I picked the right yarn. I’m working with the blue merino I got in Spain, as well as the brown camel, and the brown alpaca I also got in Spain. I wanted the alpaca to be in the foot part, so I know the camel in with the blue on the leg. The problem is the huge gauge difference between the camel and the alpaca. I had to change the heel to a flap heel to be able to decrease appropriately for the much larger and fluffier (but still sock weight) alpaca. It’s a bit of an engineering feat, knitting herringbone backwards. Anyway, they might pull together.
Blue Herring

4. Coupling socks. I like the yarn, but I’m not sure if it’s right for the pattern. It stripes in single row stripes, and the pattern is lacy and textured. They don’t quite mix well, but if I put the sock on it stretches out okay to show the lace. I’m almost done the first sock, so I might as well finish the pair.

5. Monkey socks. I cast these on the other day for some reward knitting. I’ve hoarded the yarn for a few months (Dream in Color, yum) and wanted to make Monkey socks. They are beautiful. No reservations here.
Seaflower Monkey Sock

6. Stockinette boyfriend socks. They’re supposed to be a surprise. If he reads the blog they won’t be. Well, he knows I’m knitting them, just not when. I’m trying to knit both at once, just because, but I’m still unsure about the pattern. It’s self striping yarn, so it has to be simple, but it’s cotton, so it has no stretch. And I kind of don’t want to do ribbing the whole way, but I might have to.
Stockinette Boyfriend Socks

7. Baby hat. I cast this on because I was listening to a podcast (Damknit) in which Erin talked about knitting baby hats. I had some cotton/elastic in the stash, so I threw it on some size 5s and started knitting. So far so good. I wanted some instant gratification. Also, I might be able to give it to my aunt, who is due in November.
Baby hat

8. Yesterday evening, I cast on a scarf in Cascade 220, like I needed another project. I’ve started thinking about my Holiday Craft Show knitting, which I need to do so I can have stuff to sell. I will have some on display, not for sale, but I should have things for peoples to buy. Yes.
Green Scarf

I’ve also been spinning.
Mystery Bump, spun, with closer color

My mom and my sister have ADD. It runs in the family.

Later I teach a sock class! With luck, it’ll be outside, because it’s beautiful today.



  1. You spin, like, six million times better than I do. 😉 Do you have a wheel or a spindle?

    *grabs your camel and your alpaca and runs off with it* There, now you don’t have so much. 😉

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