Summer of Socks 2007

Okay, so, I’m obviously shite at keeping up with KALs and forums and whatever whatever. I’m just not good at paying attention and playing along!

So Summer of Socks 2007 is ending on Friday, and I’ve done nothing. I didn’t post pictures of socks, I didn’t contact my blog writer (Dee, whom I should acknowledge), I didn’t enter any contests, I didn’t even get my sock-in-Spain pictures into the “best vacation picture” contest.

So here goes!

This summer, I knit:
The spring cable socks for Kevin! I started these before Spain, and finished them after Spain, but took them to Spain in the meantime.

The Spring Cable cuff in the Alhambra:
Spain (170)

I also knit (and finished, but no pictures yet) the Saucy socks for Judy.

Look, there it is being knit at the hotel in Spain!
Spain (279)

I knit a pair of Pomatomus socks for my sister’s birthday.

I knit and ripped a Cookie A. Red Herring sock. The yarn is lovely, and from Spain, but it didn’t work out.
Blue herring

I knit one full Coupling sock from I haven’t knit the second one.
Coupling #1

I’ve knit half of one Monkey sock in Dream in Color. I love it.
Seaflower monkey!

I’m working on a pair of socks for J in Sockina Cotton, and it is soft and yummy and cotton-y. He wanted cotton socks.
boyfriend stockinette

And naturally I’m working on 5372953264364 other projects, but I will be participating in Socktoberfest, goddamnit! I have yarn I bought last year from Scout in the Socktoberfest colorway, and maybe I can get them knit into something. If I’ve finished my dad’s-socks-to-be. I’ve promised him socks for his birthday (Monday). Rawk.



  1. My address book refuses to work this morning, or I would have emailed.

    Jessica decided not to do a final update. Bummer! So, we won’t be seeing out final socks in print.

    It was fun being your reader! On to Socktoberfest!

  2. I bow to your superior knitting prowess! Your socks are fantastic; I love the Dream In Color one.

    You do, however, make me feel like a total slacker. Know what I knit this summer? Three stripes of a scarf and a Fetching mitt. And the toe of a Ravenclaw sock. I blame the carpal tunnel. 😉

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