Black Cat

Oh, and just for kicks, here’s my black (slightly annoyed) cat.

She’s not spooky at all.

Yarn on my cat



Hi there! It’s Halloween! I dressed up for school (as a Sim, I’m brilliant), but now I’m home and as a high school student I am both “too old” and “too busy” for this crap.

Seriously, not that I don’t love Halloween, but I’m doing AP Calculus right now, and will be doing Physics later. Plus, no one comes to our house except the one neighbour kid, and I bet the pickings are slim this block at any rate.

And there are no parties, because my high school senior friends are doing the same amount of work I am.

But I’m not sad. I love October, and I love Halloween. November is coming up tomorrow, which means 15 days until my college applications are due. I need to get them finished and submitted before then, I think, but they won’t even look at them until later because they’ll be so so so busy opening mail.

Speaking mail, this arrived today! Two skeins of Sundara Yarn Sport Merino in “Denim over Hyacinth.” I love it. It is beautiful. It will be the November Mystery Socks by Mona Schmidt, for Sock Knitters Anonymous (Ravelry link). I’m excited. It’s squishy and lovely, and I’m going to have to knit the smallest size, because apparently gauge is pretty small.

And I love sport weight socks, because I love US 2 needles, and I love squishy fabric.

So pretend these are my pumpkins (they’re not, we didn’t even carve any), and Happy Halloween. ^__^


Pretty Day

Today was a pretty day. Cold outside, but that’s as it should be.


I didn’t spend much (any) time outside, though, because my to-do list was long and demanding. This whole being a senior thing is rather strenuous. I can’t wait until I get to do something in the day and then not have to do homework about it in the evenings. I’m still working on my Anatomy Lab now, and it’s almost 8 PM.

Plus, it was house-cleaning day, so I had to vacuum and organize and tidy and things. My life is so interesting.

So it was mostly work, but we went this afternoon to see Antigone at BSF, which was nice, but also a Brecht translation of a Greek Tragedy, so pretty talk-y and kind of boring. Dramatic, but boring. I knit the whole time, and got most of my second Seaflower Monkey sock cuff done. OMG! Working on the monkey! Shocking!

Also, I bothered the mice. One of them died yesterday (I knew it was coming), so now I’m down to two, and they’re both a bit nuts. They’re very sweet though, and like the silly yogurt treats I give them.
Cookie's nose

And here’s what I’ve been working on lately. The Woodins have a log, but I only have two critters totally finished, and need to knit a whole lot more before November 26th.

Also, the Nautie. Nearly ready for a head.

Yeah, not a lot of knitting happened today, but I did find another ball of the blue Frog Tree Alpaca Sportweight that I need for dad’s socks, and they are on their way. Yay! Then I can finish the feet. And knit something else, finally.

Also, the Qiviut wristwarmers are in a revamp stage, wherein I rip them out because I’ve decided they aren’t fluffy enough for me to really enjoy the fluffy soft exotic yarn, and knit them at a larger gauge. Also, the Rogue sleeve is going to get frogged someday, because it’s too small for my taste. I want a boyfriend-like sweater. Something I can be snuggly in. Yay Malabrigo.

FO: Quickie Cowl

This only took 3 days, knit for the Holiday Craft Show. The pattern is the Quickie Cowl by f. pea. It’s very snuggly, and fits perfectly. It is lovely. It was knit on US #10.5 straights, which are both outrageously large and outrageously unwieldy, compared to size 2s and circular needles.  The yarn is handspun by omly, which I received in her highly generous and fabulous L&V pr0n swap.  <3!


Handspun cowl

cowlhandspun cowl

FO: Dollar and a Half Cardigan


Well, I would have liked pictures outside, but it’s hard enough to take photos of one’s self, so I did my best.

Start: April, 2007
Finish: June 2007, after a bout of appendicitis. Woo!
Yarn: Knitpicks Andean Silk in “Slate.”
Needles: US #7 circulars.
Pattern: Dollar and a Half Cardigan, by Veronik Avery, from the spring 2007 Interweave Knits (Ravelry link)

Dollar and a Half

Showing the front. I love my buttons!

$1.50 back

Showing the back. The lace was pretty easy.

Dollar and a Half

Showing the cable (in an artsy shot.)

I love this sweater. I wear it to college interviews and impress people, and I wear it at school and impress people. I’m so impressing. =D

But seriously, I love this sweater.

See my Ravelry project page for more (random) details, and pictures.


Holy crap! I’ve finished things!

First, I’d like to do a “formal” FO post for my stockinette boyfriend socks. Not that my boyfriend is made of stockinette. Only his socks are.

bf stockinette

Start: September 2nd, ish? Early in September. I started after J went to school.
Finish: October 14. I was preparing for the end of both socks when suddenly my yarn ran out on one of them. Weak. I had to tink back two rows on both socks so they could be even. I also need to weave in one end and sew up four small heel-join holes. It’s cool.
Yarn: Sockina cotton, 1 ball. Blue stripes.
Needles: US #2 circulars, and I knit both socks at once.
Pattern: Basically none. I cast on for the toe, increased like you do, knit knit knit, increased for a gusset, researched flap-heels a bit and knit two of them, then knit straight until a predetermined yarn point, and ribbed 2×2. Yay.

bf stockinette
Very sexy.

Also, I FINALLY have pictures of both the Spring Cable socks in action and the Saucy socks, finished.

spring cable



Start: Early June, 2007
Finished: Probably late July, 2007.
Yarn: Oasis Yarn Seduction Silk, in colorway “Olive”
Needles: More US #2s. I love me #2s.
Pattern: Saucy, by Cider Moon

I knit them in Spain, I knit them in Baltimore, I knit them at Hopkins, I knit them forevers. They are lovely. Silk is nice to knit with.


Someday I’ll get sexy Dollar and a Half shots.

Also, I did not take pictures at Stitches, but I DID buy things, so I’ll show them soon.

Stitches East

I will be at Stitches today!  Around 3 PM.  With the boyfriend.  He is tres excited to be going.  Yes.

I know!  I’ll wear my “SENIORS ’08” shirt; then you can’t miss me.

I’ll take pictures, too.  And maybe get some knitting done.

Frog pond.

Picture 1

I am ripping my Coupling sock. It is ugly. The pattern is beautiful. The yarn is beautiful. They do not go together.

The yarn, methinks, would be better suited for fingerless gloves. I will try this plan.

Picture 2

Shite pictures courtesy of my webcam. Yay!

Spinning Advice

Here’s a shout-out to spinners in the Baltimore area.  I’m planning my Senior Project for school (in the spring) and in writing up a mock preliminary proposal, I discovered that if I am going to try to build a spinning wheel, I am going to need to know how they actually work.

So, are there any local spinners in the area, owning wheels, who would be willing to give me a lesson or two?  In March?



So just to prove the color of the sky…
October sky

The building is a little dark, because I took the picture from my window with the sun behind my house, but look how blue it is! And totally cloudless. I’m pretty impressed with fall.

And J’s socks are coming along. I’m pretending like he won’t see them or something, but he does read this. I love you!

Boyfriend Stockinette

Nice, no? I should be up the legs pretty soon. The heels went fast. After I finish these, I’m going to cast on Dad’s socks.

Votes on I Love Gansey vs. Eunny’s Bayerische? I’m using a sport-ish weight solid blue alpaca. I want cables, but I’m worried the Bayerische won’t show up, but that the ILGs are looking kind of loose, stitch-wise.

Impart on me your sock wisdom.