So just to prove the color of the sky…
October sky

The building is a little dark, because I took the picture from my window with the sun behind my house, but look how blue it is! And totally cloudless. I’m pretty impressed with fall.

And J’s socks are coming along. I’m pretending like he won’t see them or something, but he does read this. I love you!

Boyfriend Stockinette

Nice, no? I should be up the legs pretty soon. The heels went fast. After I finish these, I’m going to cast on Dad’s socks.

Votes on I Love Gansey vs. Eunny’s Bayerische? I’m using a sport-ish weight solid blue alpaca. I want cables, but I’m worried the Bayerische won’t show up, but that the ILGs are looking kind of loose, stitch-wise.

Impart on me your sock wisdom.


  1. Just from first glance and knowing nothing about the socks or anything at all, I like Bayerische better. I feel like the I Love Gansey’s look a little more manly, while the Bayerische’s are a little more unisex. Again: based on a five-second glance at each photo. 🙂

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