Spinning Advice

Here’s a shout-out to spinners in the Baltimore area.  I’m planning my Senior Project for school (in the spring) and in writing up a mock preliminary proposal, I discovered that if I am going to try to build a spinning wheel, I am going to need to know how they actually work.

So, are there any local spinners in the area, owning wheels, who would be willing to give me a lesson or two?  In March?



  1. Sorry to get your hopes up – I don’t have a clue!

    I’m writing because I read your blog from time to time and also just got my own here on wordpress. I want to add a Socktoberfest button on the side of my page, but I can’t for the life of me figure out how to do it. I saw that you have some buttons on yours, and I wondered if you’d mind letting me in on the secret to making that happen? I’d really appreciate the help.

  2. Hopefully mine will turn out as lovely as the picture! I’m not inclined to think they will, but I’m 18 row in and they’re looking good, so maybe I’m wrong. We’ll see when I get to the heel. That looks complicated!

    Anyway, I’m using the knit picks yarn in the picture of my entry a few days ago… I think it’s Essential in Mint.

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