I wish I’d brought a camera with me this weekend, because the nature was lovely, but the weekend itself wasn’t terribly exciting.

I went up to J’s after tech on Saturday, and hung out with him and his parents (parent’s visiting weekend, yay!). We went to a talk on Quantum Mechanics and then to dinner at a pub. Quantum Mechanics is crazy, just FYI, but also awesome. And then in the morning we went with J’s roommate and his family to brunch at Cracker Barrel. It was the high life.

I suppose. =D Pancakes are good.

Then I spent another night, and watched movies, and got up Monday morning for an interview and class visit at J’s school. It’s not a top choice, I guess, but I like it there a lot, and could happy attend. My interview was a “forum interview,” in which we four students (myself and three others, including one current classmate, whom J says may not attend his school) just sat and talked about things, like global warming, and the environment, and robots, and war. It was very cool.

After that interview, I got lunch with J and then had to drive to Haverford. Which, by the way, is 100 miles away on the turnpike. Yay. The drive was nice, low key, and pretty enough. I listened to Escape Pod the whole time, having run out of knitting podcasts, and that passed the time nicely. Those are some fun sci-fi stories.

I spent the night at Haverford in a dorm, with some girls. It was awk, but what overnight college visit isn’t? I saw Anders– he was on the same hall, he was a year ahead of me at Park– and Mickey– not on the same hall, but another friend– and Liz. It was fun to see them. I really like that school.

And I got up really early Tuesday morning, because there were supposed to be mouse-catching-people coming, so at 7:15 or so I got up and put away the aero bed and took a shower. Then I sat in the common room and knit and read. The maintenance people didn’t come until 8:15.

So after my Haverford interview, which was alarmingly short, I decided I didn’t want to see more classes, and instead drove home and watched Heroes on my bed and then took a nap.

The moral of this story?

Basically no knitting has happened since like, Sunday morning.

I want to knit! I want time to knit. I can’t wait for Thanksgiving, when J comes home and we get to drive to the beach and I can have 3 hours of totally-me-knitting-time.

Oh and I’m eating stale sushi and spending a lot of time at school getting stuff finished up for Kiss Me, Kate. Rawr.

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  1. Man, college interviews are as crazy as grad school interviews. 😉 I totally forgot what college interviews were like. I feel old now.

    Do you have a top choice yet?

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