Look who’s living in our house now!


This little guy turned up Friday night in our woodpile, in the rain. I’d gone out earlier that same day to get wood for the fire I built, and I’m surprised I didn’t see him. Sarah’s friend came over and presented him to us, saying, “Normally I don’t bring these, but here.”

So we locked him in our bathroom and gave him food and a bath. We trimmed his claws and put flea repellent on him, and made sure he was house-trained. We kept him in the bathroom overnight, but he would cry and cry when we left him alone. About 6:30 Saturday morning I woke up and brought him into my room, where he snuggled my head and I fell asleep again. Dad and S came to visit him too.


And Saturday night we watched a movie with him, and he’s been roaming the house ever since. The other cats are super pissed, but they’ll get over it. I thought maybe they would be less intimidated by him because he’s so little, but they’re really mad.

Hazel seems to still like me enough to sleep on my bed, though, provided I don’t let the little heathen invade her space.

He’s a real sweetheart though, and doesn’t freak out when they hiss and growl at him. My dad really likes Nelson because he gets to have some cat like him, and Nelson likes everyone.


He even sleeps, too, which our big cats don’t really do. They snooze watchfully.

He’s also really hard to get a picture of, because he’s so wiggly. He has a lot of energy, and runs around our house at top speed. He likes to play with ribbons, and chases them enthusiastically. He hasn’t quite mastered stairs, and he comes running down them and then slides at the bottom. Also, he likes people food, and we’re going to have to train him to not try to eat it all the time. He was really interested in the fridge, and he always wants to climb onto the counters in the kitchen.


There are more pictures on Flickr, if you click on one of them above. I’m also trying to figure out how to post the video, because he’s that cute. I’ll let you know how that goes.


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