Beatrix in a show

I might finish a pair of socks in a weekend.

Okay, fine, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, maybe, but I’ve already knit 75% of one sock in two days. Which is outrageous. My usual “fastest time” is about 2 weeks. Lately socks have been taking months to knit.


I’m knitting the Beatrix socks (pdf) by Gigi Silva from Socktopia. I’m knitting it in Scout’s Swag Merino Fingering in the colorway “Socktober” that I bought last October (2006). It’s very fun and lovely. I was worried that the striping/swirling of the yarn would obscure the pattern, but it actually looks quite good. The leg went super ridiculously fast, and now I’m just knitting the stockinette foot of the first sock. I’m hoping, at least, that I can finish that one this afternoon during the matinée and cast on the second during the evening show.


Also, I got just what I needed yesterday evening as a pick-me-up at the end of the week. Yay! Two packages came, the first from the lovely Jessica. Inside were two beautiful skeins of her BFL handspun, that I won as a runner-up in her ‘name my wheel’ contest. It is so lovely.

In the second box was the skein of Dream in Color “Smooshy” in the colorway “Blue Lagoon,” which I bought from Amanda on Ravelry. It is so pretty! I didn’t expect so much green in it, but I love the green. I’m excited. I love Ravelry.

Also, new favourite picture of Nelson:
Isn’t he a cute little bugger? Squee!


  1. I was *thisclose* to buying that exact skein of Smooshy, but I told myself that I don’t deserve new yarn because I haven’t managed to get a new job yet. I was really sad to pass it up; it’s gorgeous. I’m glad you got it, though. 🙂 I’ll get my own if I ever mange to find a full-time job. Which may be never, the way things are going. But we’ll see.

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