Useless crap?

So, I’m trying to knit all this stuff for the Holiday Craft Show at school, and I’m totally getting a kick in the self-esteem. I haven’t knit that many things, actually, and who would want to buy my random, non-matching things? There are so few things, and all the other stuff I’ve knit has either gone to a new home as a gift, or is something I like too much (my cardigan) or have worn too much (my socks) to even consider selling.

Weak! I guess I should just chill out and have fun, and hope that my mom’s jewelry and stitch markers and stuff take up more space at our table. Because what I have is really not impressive at all. I should have planned ahead better. It’s like Christmas knitting, only I should have started in January, and more people are going to look at it! Ack!

Laura, in the knitting club I started at school, offered to give me some of her knitted things for a cut of the profits. I might take her up on it, because my collection really is a bit sad.

Picture 3

I’ve tagged it on Flickr, so you can see exactly what I’ve knit. Blargh.

The HCS is on Thursday. I’m still knitting for it! Stubbornly!



  1. You’ll get there. Keep your chin up, take it as a learning experience, and start knitting WAYYY in advance next time. it’s worth doing, even if you feel you’re going to fail, because you’ll gain experience from it.

  2. Keep plugging away! 🙂 Maybe stick to smaller stuff, like iPod cozies. Or little felted boxes to sell as companions to the stitch markers?

    If it makes you feel any better, Christmas knitting totally kicks my ass every year, so I’d have no prayer for craft show knitting.

  3. I just did the same thing two weekends ago! Only I had the help of my grandmother, who knitted a majority of the things I sold. But I did have fifteen skeins of yarn that I spun to sell, so I did help, at least, a little bit.

    Good luck!

  4. Seems like you have a bunch of stuff, but that is from the perspective of a knitter who knows how much time stuff takes to knit.

    My mom took some of my tiny socks that would not fit a baby I made and hung them on her tree. You could probably do something like that with scraps.

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