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So, I don’t really know where to start: with the happy or the sad. I think I’ll start with the happy so I don’t look like a jerk.

Last Tuesday, I went to my first Weaver’s Guild of Greater Baltimore guild meeting. I joined the guild! They were having their biannual craft show thing, and I puttered around and saw people I knew (Hi Sandi!) and met lots of people. Feeling like I had to (and not resisting that feeling), I bought a 4 oz. ball of Merino top in the colorway “Sky” from the lovely ladies of Spinning Flock Farm. It is lovely and rich and soft. I’m excited to spin a solid color.

Spinning Flock farm

Also, I have been working on some commissioned fingerless gloves for Genna. They are to be Christmas presents for her kids, one of which is a good friend of mine (and Genna is awesome).

Since this picture, I have finished these mitts, and they are long in the finger department. They are lovely.
Molly's mittens

The yarn is so beautiful in the ball, too:
Mirasol Hacho

I’m knitting the second pair now.

The only other thing I’ve been working on consistently is my beautiful Rogue sweater.
Rogue progress

The body’s about 5 inches high now, and I love it. I’m double knitting the pockets, which is a feat in itself, and I’m enjoying it!

Rogue side cable
This is the side cable. My mum made those stitch markers.

So, now to the sad. House fires seem to be big this season. Thursday morning we got to school and found out that one of our sophomore’s house had burned down at 4 that morning, his little sister had died, and he and his father were in critical condition. His mother was unhurt. His two older sisters immediately came home from college and job, and Thursday and Friday were rough at school. His dad was moved from Shock Trauma Friday night to Sinai, suffering mostly from a broken hip from jumping from the house, and spent the night with his family, next to Matt, who was on life support.

Saturday morning, Matt died. I didn’t really know Matt, but he affected a lot of people, and I am sad. I know his older sister, my family knows his family; I feel like I’m once removed several ways. Monday was worse than Thursday, obviously. We had a half-day in the upper school, with an assembly and counseling sessions, and open activities. The tenth grade is hit really hard, and there’s just the ambient grief that can’t be avoided. I don’t know what the rest of the week will be like.

Sequential Sun articles are here:,0,573993.story,0,4928125.story,0,4047409.story

So, I’m a little run down, but knitting helps, obviously. Just be careful with your fireplaces, everyone.



  1. Your knits and that roving are beautiful! I hope they will comfort you through this. It’s so sad that these things have to happen at this time of year. *hugs!*

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