Happy Christmas, everyone. Today’s been lovely so far. I got up this morning and made “I’ll knit you something” coupons for the family (and a “I’ll buy you sock yarn” coupon for my mum). We opened stocking presents, and the extended family came over for breakfast. There was lots of chaos and craziness and little kids and our-house-is-too-small and cows-don’t-go-in-glasses-Liam, but it was nice. J and his family just left too, on their way to their own grand Christmas, and I gave him his Silver Surfer shirt, which I think is hilarious and I’m not sure whether he’ll wear it, but it was $3 at Goodwill, and I have a Spiderman shirt, so there.

Dad gave us all LED flashlight/laser pointers, and guess what the cats have been up to all morning! It’s easy to play with them now, with minimal effort… in the other room! They’re great.

There’s a party later today that I could go to, but mostly I’m hoping for lots of this:

And plenty of this:
sweater, chilling

(I mean the pile of knitting, not the guitar.)

Hopefully, I won’t feel enough guilt to work on a college supplement, but I might feel inspired today. Otherwise, I’m going to work on a sock pattern.

Merry Christmas!


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