How I got f*cked.

So, once there was a boy. He met a girl, and they fell in love. For three years they spent time together, dealing with things, having fun. He went to college, and she learned to live. She got used to not having him around, but she loved driving to visit him for the weekend. She loved him so. He loved her.

Then, he became the president of the Astro club at school. The previous president stuck around, and when Astro club members were being particularly bitchy, he went to the previous president to complain and commiserate. Then he started to fall for the previous president, because she was (I suppose) sweet, and available. They started having sex, while the poor girl at home knew nothing, and waited devotedly for her lover to come back for break.

It started to get awkward. The girl blamed herself for being too weird, or nervous, or stressed. She tried hard to show the boy how much she cared for him. She tried to figure out the best balance for their relationship, while he (I suppose) didn’t help out, and kept cheating on her with his new girl.

Now, the new girl was an extra-semester-senior. She was graduating in December– about a month after (I suppose) he began his betrayal of the girl at home. She was moving to Philadelphia. One week, near the end of his winter break, the boy went to Philadelphia to visit his sister. He met up with the new girl there, where she was hunting for an apartment. He drove her back to his college, where she still had a place (and I suppose they probably f*cked there). Then he merrily began a drive home to his innocent, unknowing girlfriend, to whom he had devoted three years, and who had given him every fiber of her being and her heart.

He came home, and he told the girlfriend they probably wouldn’t last much longer. She was very sad, but she knew he could be right. Their lives were at different stages, they were moving in different directions, and the chance that they would stay together forever was slim.

Then she found out he had cheated on her. And her world seemed to break.

The story ends there. I’m crushed. He dumped me yesterday, and now I’m floundering a bit. Yesterday I cried and cried. I blamed myself and I blamed him. I blamed her. Now, I blame them both, and I no longer blame myself.

He broke our relationship beyond repair, and I am very sad.


Today, my mother and I went and got tattoos. They don’t match, but they’re in the same place.

I am strong, I am fierce, and I will survive.


  1. long time lurker… I am so sorry that totally sucks!! The new tattoo is incredibly cool , does it mean anything??

  2. Ugh, I’m so sorry you had that experience. πŸ˜› It’s awful. When I was a junior in college, my ex-boyfriend dumped me after three and a half years because he wanted to date someone else. (I have no proof that I was cheated on, but I’m willing to bet I was.) He was an idiot in other ways too, but I still spent about a week crying, threatening castration, and eating nothing but a donut a day. And the worst part? I went home every other weekend to visit my parents, he was my ride! So that was fun for me. πŸ˜› But eventually I got over it, and a couple of years after the fact (and after I’d been happily situated with Scott for a couple of years), I realized how totally wrong my ex-boyfriend had been for me.

    I was really glad I never knit him anything but a black scarf. πŸ˜‰

    You’re right – you will survive. The tattoo is awesome – what’s it mean?

  3. As someone much older, I can definitely tell you I have been there and had that done to me. It sucks beyond words.

    While it doesn’t help now, at all…..everything happens for a reason, and that reason is that he wasn’t the best person for you. There is someone out there that will cherish you for everything that you are and will deserve to be with you.

    You will survive…..your mom rocks, and so does your tattoo!

  4. 1. That sucks a bunch.
    2. Pretty colors on the tattoo!
    3. If you wanna bitch to someone in person, lemme know. I’d be happy to grab tea and chat sometime. You can even pretend I’m “older and wiser” if it’d give credibility to my saying boys suck, especially the ones that cheat.

    ~Lia (who’s living in baltimore county and bored, so the tea thing is serious)

  5. Oh, which reminds me, I could also tell you about MY story about MY high school boyfriend who cheated on me when he went to college….AND THEN CALLED ME TO ASK ME TO GIVE HIS NEW GIRLFRIEND SEX ADVICE! WITHOUT HAVING PREVIOUSLY TOLD ME HE HAD SAID NEW GIRLFRIEND!

    (see above, re: boys occasionally being dumb)

  6. Ugh, that sucks. Way back when I got cheated on by a guy who went off to college before me. It really, really stings, but you’ll survive and you’ll be stronger.

  7. Hang in there kiddo!
    There will be someone bigger and better and worthy of you out there, and you’ll trip over him at just the right time.
    Life has a funny way of working out like that.

    Nice tattoo. πŸ™‚

  8. ugh..obviously he just didn’t really know what he had with you. it happens and it looks like we’ve all been down that same road. I was cheated on too–I didn’t find out until 3 years later (after the cheating took place!!) though so be glad that you found out right away and not way after the fact. it’s going to take some time but you’ll forget.

  9. I’m so sorry that happened to you but let me go ahead and say it’s happened to almost all of us. He’s not worthy, maybe at one time he was, but it has passed. Feel every emotion that comes to you at this time, cry until it hurts, yell if you want, it’s healthy to let it all out now so you don’t hold onto it forever.

    I’ve yet to meet you but I sense you are strong.

    The tat looks great, good decision!


  10. Oh that totally sucks :o(

    I’m sorry he’s an insensitive ass – you’re better off without him. I know it hurts right now but it will stop hurting eventually and seriously, you’re better off without him.

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