Embossed Leaves socks (FO!)

So, balls. Today I was back at school, and things were all right. Mostly I just feel like meh. It’s impossible not to think about J, and all the nice stuff we did together, and the recent, sudden shit stuff. Everything I do reminds me of him, because we did so much together. But today was okay. We’re listening to “The Odyssey”, translated by Robert Fagles, read by Ian McKellen, and it’s great. There’s just four students, myself included, and our teacher, and we’re literally immersing ourselves. It rocks. [It’s Immersion Week, and we do one thing all day for four days, don’t ask.]

But yesterday I finished my Embossed Leaves socks. They are lovely. The pictures aren’t great, and you can only sort of see the sparkles, but they’re fun.


Pattern: Embossed Leaves, by Mona Schmidt
Yarn: Merino sock, colorway “Topaz” in the Jewels collection, by Crash Into Ewe. I’m learning to dye from Terry later this year, and I’m psyched.
Needles: US #2, dpns.
Cast on: December 24th, 2007.
Finished: January 21st, 2008.


I’m wearing these socks now. I love having another pair for myself to put in my drawer. Yay!

I’m now working almost exclusively on my Rogue. The Zodiac sleep sack is nearly done… but frankly I needed some comfort, for-me knitting. I’ve attached the sleeves at the lower shoulder, and I’m knitting them together with the body. It’s real intense.



  1. Are those the socks with the real silver blended into them? ‘Cause that’s pretty awesome.

    I can’t wait to knit socks. But first I have baby kimonos to finish.

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