I’m keeping busy. Stuff still sucks, as expected, but I’m still moving.

My latest project (others not withstanding, and this is still within my original New Year’s Knitting Resolutions post (priority six, kind of hiding): Thelonious socks.


I didn’t think I’d participate in this month’s Sockdown! Ravelry challenge (Cookie A. or intarsia), but I was empty handed today as I finished the ball of yarn off for Rogue, so I cast them on. The yarn is Sundara Yarn sport merino, and the colorway was one I had to jump on in an update. It’s called “Denim over Hyacinth” and it’s gorgeous. I didn’t mean to order the sport, but I’m thrilled I did. It’s very squooshy, and the fabric it knits up is dense and really nice. I love it. The color is fabulous– rather like the first socks I knit for J— but more unpredictable. It’s a semi-solid (or a “somewhat solid,” as she calls it) and I love it. I’m knitting the smallest size because of the gauge of the yarn, and I think it will be perfect.

So far, I’ve only made one mistake. Potter’s thumb, and I’m sticking to it.

This picture shows the stitches better, I think, but the color is totally off. The first picture is color-true.

I’m enjoying knitting them, too. They’re going fast, so far. Pretty pretty.

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