show time again

I can’t really say what my knitting level has been recently. I knit a bunch (I think…) this long weekend, but I’ve also spent a lot of time at long dress rehearsals for the new show coming up, so it’s hard to gauge. I’m working on three things currently: Icarus, Monkey socks, and Firestarters. The Firestarters have seen the most action recently, because I feel like I’m making real progress on them.



I’ve since nearly finished the gusset increases, which are very cool and pretty.

Icarus is bigger too. I’m into the second repeat of the adding-on-branches part, and it comes out of the bag when I have light to see by.

Rogue is more or less finished. It needs a zipper, but I’ve been wearing it all week without. It’s really nice and cozy, and the Malabrigo isn’t itchy at all. It’s awesome. People are also still impressed with it. It makes me feel good and comfy and safe. I’ll get pictures once I get a zipper, I think.

Things are okay. I’m stressed from the play, which makes me more tired and cranky and bleh, but knitting is fun, and class is good, and today I came home at 1 and went for a run and read with my kitties before I went back for rehearsal. It was nice.

One comment

  1. Are the socks in your Smooshy in Blue Lagoon? Because they look an awful lot like MY Blue Lagoon socks. πŸ˜€

    Also: I wish I could come home at 1. I get out of work at 3, and four days out of five I go straight to my second job. Oy. πŸ˜›

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