Another snow day

We had off school today. It was pretty cool, except that I wasn’t impressed at how quickly school was intimidated by the threatened ice (we like to brag [and bitch] that Park never, ever closes). So I spent the day puttering: cleaning and knitting and watching a movie and napping. I had some crazy dream about hotels and elevators and robots. Johnny Depp was in it. It was great, but I can’t really remember what the point was. Like dreams do. ^_^

I’ve finished the Zodiac sleep sack for Maisie, and I’m working on finishing Elefante for Liam. He’s got one ear!

Since I finished Zodiac, I cast on for Eunny’s Endpaper Mitts, and they are beautiful. I’m using Katia Merino 100% and Katia Alpaca Andes, both of which I got in Spain at Lanas Sixto in Madrid. I’m knitting them on US 3s, and so far they’re perfect. I’ve finished one repeat, and I’m enchanted. With all the sock knitting happening lately, my hands have been getting cold!

Endpaper mitts

I also bought yarn yesterday for a hat:

Three balls of Araucania Copihue, which is a chunky alpaca dyed to look like a Chilean flower. It’s lovely and soft. I need a new hat: I only have that one with the braid and the purple top. I need a new hat.

The Firestarters have made it past the heel. The Monkies are nearing the toe. Icarus is another repeat larger (or nearly) and is beautiful. I think the yarn is turning pink, which is cool.

I’m feeling good. Things are better. They’re not awesome yet, but they’re definitely better.

One comment

  1. I had a snow day too! I did a little knitting and worked on my Spring Cable socks; got a couple of cable repeats going. Love them. 😀 Oh, and I rescued my new bamboo DPNs from Lori; she thought they were birdie toys and tried to eat them! So weird; she’s never gone after a metal needle once in nine years, but the bamboo? All over them.

    Also love your mitts and your hat yarn.

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