FO: Rogue Hooded Cardigan


I have finished my Rogue. I’m thrilled! It’s beautiful, and cozy, and very impressive. It’s lovely. I sewed in the zipper two nights ago, and tried to take pictures before this afternoon, but just couldn’t. The batteries for the camera refused to charge, etc., etc. Anyway.


Cast on: The earliest date that this went on the needles is September 29th, 2007. I knit a sleeve as a swatch, finished the whole sleeve, and decided it was too small. I eventually ripped it out, then knit another sleeve, then ripped that out and knit two more sleeves at the same time, finally at the right size and length (and gauge, thing). So I probably started working on the real sweater pieces in late October/early November. I originally hoped to be finished by my birthday, but I simply didn’t have time. Over winter break, though, I got a ton of knitting time done. Perfect!
Finished: February 26th, 2008 (officially). I finished knitting this baby early February, but wore it around until I got my zipper. The zipper showed up and I sewed it in with the help of the zipper-sewing-in tutorial from Chic Knits. Splendid!
Pattern: Rogue Hooded Pullover by Girl From Auntie.
Needles: US size 5 (hems) and US size 7 (body, etc)
Yarn: Malabrigo worsted in “Verde Adriana,” 9 skeins (I totally missed gauge).
First, I knit this as a cardigan. The pattern is originally a pullover, but I wanted a cardigan, so I knit me a cardigan. I double-knit the pockets at the same time as the body, and lengthened the body excessively (because of my fucked up gauge). When I got to the shoulders, I finished up the arms to the sleeve cap shaping, and stuck them on the body and knit the whole shoulder apparatus together as one. It was awesome. This means the only seams I have are under the arms, above the arms, and at the shoulders. It’s very cool and smooth and neat.

Full length of the sweater.

The hood cables. Mmm. I wish the hood were a little longer (again, a gauge problem), but I’m happy with it.

Rogue zipper
Observe my zipper installation!

Zeke says “hi” (and “let me down!”).




  1. Wow, that thing is amazing! Oh, and congratulations on your art show. Do you think it will still be around at the end of March? I want to see it.

  2. Woah. I wish I were you so I could have a badass Rogue too. I really like it as a cardigan, and also? I love the fact that you lengthened it so much; it looks really adorable on you!

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