It’s official.

I need a spinning wheel.

I won a blog contest two weeks ago via random number generator over at sockpr0n, and I got the package from the lovely Aija today. It’s awesome! What I won was 2oz of alpaca… rovingfluff, and what she sent was my alpaca rovingfluff, along with three small sample batts of yummy fiber, PLUS two beautiful stitch markers, PLUS a handful of coupons for indie entrepreneurs online. *squee!*

North Star Alpaca
This is Magnolia’s fleecerovingfluff from North Star Alpacas. It’s soft and pure white and smells like something really good, like flowers or something. Maybe magnolias, but I don’t have enough flower knowledge to say that. It’s delicious. batt
This one is a batt from, and it’s fun and sparkly and a step outside the box for me. I’m excited about it.

merino/silk blend
This is a (slightly less shiny than in the picture) merino silk blend, and it’s a very lovely blue and pink and gray, which I love. It feels a bit like the first fiber I spun, so I suspect that was it (I never knew what that was… Omly?)

superwash merino
This one’s a superwash merino that Aija dyed. It’s squishy, and I’m spinning some superwash merino now on my spindle, so I’m getting some practice.

zer0 markers
Aija also sent me two stitch markers from her etsy store, and they’re lovely. The round white are rose quartz, and the smaller white/green are freshwater pearls. Pretty!

Aija, thank you SO SO much! This is beautiful fibery goodness, and I am so amused and thrilled. I love them. I can’t wait to play.

(A side note, I’m knitting these:
Franny's mittens
for Franny’s birthday on Friday.)



  1. You totally need a spinning wheel. And I think I need roving that comes with a picture of its alpaca.

    …Or just an alpaca. I’d take that.

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