FO: Liam’s Elefante

Gah, thank god! I am finished the Elefante. I am on a finishing roll right now.

Elefante, the face!

Start: January 10ish?
Finish: March 6
Yarn: My handspun, spun from the Mystery Bump from MDS&W, 2007.
Needles: Mostly US 5s, but occasionally US 6s, by accident (I’m not very bright).


He has weird ears, but he’s pretty darn cute, in the end.

Elefante from above

Okay, and I do like his tail.

The yarn’s a bit scratchy, but I think if I wash it maybe it’ll felt a bit, and soften up. I don’t mind it, but a 3-year-old might. He’s squooshable though!

Elefante, the feet



  1. Awww, he’s adorable! All the Elefantes I’ve seen look a little sad/bummed out to me, though. Maybe it’s the way their little trunks point downward.

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