Knit/spin/dye update

We don’t celebrate Easter here, but I do wish everyone who does a happy Easter! My mum used to hide eggs for me and my sister, and sometimes we had Easter at the beach, but this year we’re just cleaning a bit and having people over for an early dinner/meal/thing.

Icarus is appropriately spring-colored. I’m working on the fifth repeat of the first chart, and I think it’s going to have to be a lot, lot bigger, if I’m going to get out of it what I want (ie. giant graduation shawl). I think my plan is to finish the first ball in the main chart (the branches), and then use the second ball for the leaf/feathers.

Deep Space Clapotis
Clapotis is also coming along: it’s about two feet long, and I’m just going to knit the whole ball of Blue Heron Rayon Metallic. The colorway is “Deep Space,” which I felt was appropriate. I bought the yarn at the Blue Heron trunk show at Lovelyarns last fall. It’s very pretty.

Also my Drunken Bees socks, which are just sort of amusing. Knit in Claudia Handpainted yarn, and the color is “Teal.” Squishy!

The other day, I went to Terry’s and she taught me a little about dyeing techniques, that I’m going to use in my Senior Project. I dyed two skeins of yarn:
(Lilacs on the water)


And the OTHER thing that’s fun, is spinning. I love spinning. I borrowed a wheel from a friend’s mother, and it is awesome.

I spun up one bobbin of Lisa Souza BFL roving, and one bobbin of Lisa Souza superwash merino roving, and plied them together to what ends up being a bulky weight yarn. It’s not shitty! It’s awesome! I can actually knit with it, and it’s beautiful. I spun roughly 280 yards, which is way enough for a hat. I’m thrilled. It’s so beautiful.  I will show it to you when it’s dry, because it deserves some morning sunlight.


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