Project Spectrum… Fire…

hahahaha. I just realized that today is the VERY LAST day of Project Spectrum’s “fire” theme, and I have cast on Ann Budd’s Diagonal Rib Socks in my handdyed colorway… Firebrand.

Red/orange/yellow is a color theme I almost NEVER knit. But I’m knitting it now, at the end of the PS time. I suck.


These are actually for the Ravelry March Sockdown knitalong, which I wasn’t planning on being part of this month, but I finally found an Ann Budd pattern I liked. The other ones weren’t speaking to me, but this one should be simple enough to be a quick knit.

Because I need more things on the needles right now.

Current Queue:
Icarus (graduation)
Diagonal Rib Socks
Caribbean Blue Hat (with my handspun)
Drunken Bees socks
Endpaper Mitts

I’m a knitting fiend!

Also I finally finished my Seaflower Monkeys. But they need their own post, I think.


One comment

  1. You dyed that yourself? It’s gorgeous! It makes me think of summer nights. Then again, I’m a sap for sunsets. Can’t wait to see everything else you’re working on!

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