FO: Diagonal Rib Socks

I know, sheer insanity.

Diagonal Rib socks

Start: March 31, 2008
Finish: April 7, 2008
Yarn: Merino… dyed by me! I’ve been calling the colorway “Firebrand,” which I think is appropriate.
Needles: US 2s, knit on 2 circs. I was going to knit them at the same time, but I started the first sock on DPNs and didn’t feel like knitting the other one up to match. This came back to haunt me a little bit later.

Diagonal Rib socks

I went to see the Yarn Harlot in Annapolis last night. It was so fun! I convinced my mom to go with me, along with Erin and Terry, and we went and sat and had a lovely time.

Diagonal Rib heel

We sat and chatted with all sorts of people we didn’t know, and it was really delightful. Knitters are like that. Terry has pictures on her camera of us there, and me with Stephanie, and it was lots of fun.

Diagonal Rib detail

I realized I could finish these socks as she talked, and measured the second one against the first one. “Only 8 more rows!” I said, a bit foolishly, and continued to knit. I measured again and decided it was time to knit the toe. So away I went! I got so far as to graft the toe as Stephanie finished speaking, and put both socks on.

Diagonal Rib sock

Only to discover that second sock was 1/2 inch shorter than first sock. About four rows. Which I had not knit. Damn.

So after I got my books signed and had dinner and drove home, I ripped out the toe and tried to reknit it before I went to sleep (while simultaneously reading the new book I had just purchased and had signed). It didn’t really work, so technically I finished the socks today, but I’d like to continue thinking that I finished them yesterday as the very rockstar-famous Yarn Harlot spoke.

Diagonal Rib socks (and bothering the cat)

P.S. Cloverhill’s going to be at Sheep and Wool again this year, and they’ve got a Countdown Blog full of news and cool stuff. Click over and see what they’re up to!



  1. I am so jealous. I had planned to go last night, but my husband (with whom I work)scheduled a client meeting for 2 pm. Then the car that my son drives got stolen, so he needed to use mine to get to class for an exam. And the client meeting went long and then there was all the paperwork for it that needed to get finished before we could leave. That took us to almost 7 and that was when my other son called to tell me that his computer had just died down at college. So, we needed to get online to check out a replacement…and I had to miss the Harlot. I am so disappointed. Glad you enjoyed it, though. I hear she was great!

  2. I had a bad sock knitting experience while seeing The Harlot, too! I put the heel on the side of my sock instead of the back and knit on blindly. (I don’t recommend knitting heels while in line to get your book signed.)

    Beautiful socks!

  3. Those socks were speedy! I still love the color. I’m too scared to knit socks, what with heels and everything, but these are so pretty that I might have to try it at some point. Apparently I won’t be making Jaywalkers, though! Hee hee…

  4. I still love your socks.

    I wish Stephanie was coming back around this way sometime soon, but I think I missed her in Philly this year. I saw her last year right before Rhinebeck, and I feel like now I couldn’t go see her again without my friend Amanda. I’m glad you had a good time!

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