Wee Tiny Socks!

So I knit a wee tiny sock,
wee tiny sock
and sent it to Mrs. B of Knitters Uncensored. She posted about them here on her blog, and it is such a silly cute sock.

I knit it for the Wee Tiny Sock Swap, which was literally a swap over the weekend. On Friday we got our partners, and on Monday we mailed our socks.

My socks came from Ireland, from Fiadhnat, and they were so adorable!

wee tiny socks
The green one is my “Haverford Luck” sock. One side has a little purled H, and the other has a little purled four-leaf clover. I’m trying to keep them away from the kitties, but they do love their tiny socks to play with.

So there.

I’ve got a couple of other things going on, also.

I crunched the numbers for my sock yarn blanket and came up with a bit of insanity. I want it big enough to cover a double bed (my bed), so it has to be 12 squares wide and 15 squares long. This comes out to a total of 165 squares, and every five squares I knit is another 3% of the blanket finished. I’ve knit 15 squares, so I’ve knit 9% of the blanket so far. Yikes. Some of the squares are smaller, so actually I’ve knit more than 15 squares, but it’s about 9%.

Speaking of sock yarn, I’ve knit 19 pairs of socks.

That means my Drunken Bees socks are pair 20.

That means I’ll be having some kind of elaborate contest soon.

Stay tuned!


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