Sheep and Wool!

Yaay~! Tomorrow I begin the descent into madness that is the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. I’m working at the Skein and Garment competition from 9 to 1 doing intake, I suppose, of entries, and I’m also entering a handful of stuff myself (omg!). I’m going to enter a skein of my undyed project wool (the second skein is washing, and is much, much prettier than the first), as well as a skein of blue merino I spun (extra points for a Maryland farm), my Diagonal Rib socks, and a new skein I’m spinning now (when I should be spinning for the project, yes).

I’m really excited.

Yesterday I tried to go through my Ravelry queue and pick out things I wanted to buy yarn for. The “final” list looks like this:

Sheep & Wool

-Claudia Handpainted
-Louet Gems?
-laceweight, 2-3 shawls?
-600-700 yrds DK/sport (ballet cami)
-1300 yrds worsted (tubey)
-1000 yrds worsted (snow white/wicked)
-1400 yrds worsted (SKB)

I might end up dropping a couple hundred dollars on yarn. Ouch. But you know what? I’m excited. I want yarn for sweaters and socks and shawls and everything. I also want some fiber to spin (yes, okay, I have some of that too).

On Saturday, I’m going to be helping sell t-shirts from 9 to 11, and then from 11 to 1 I’ll be strolling the Skein/Garment competition to see that nothing walks off, and from 3 to 6 again I’ll be t-shirt selling. So from 1 to 3, I’ll have some time to look around and probably buy things. Then I’m headed to the Ravelry party at the Sheraton in Columbia. Sweet!

SUNDAY I’m coming again with my mum. To buy things. And look at animals. Oh boy oh boy.

I think I’ll wear Rogue, and please do come say hello if you’re there and spot me. I’m not terribly famous, I know (ha!), but I’d love to be approached.

(in case you’d forgotten)

There will most definitely be a yarn p0rn post. Mmmmm. Yarn.


  1. This has very little to do with anything much, but I just was poking your livejournal profile, because I need a non-facebook internet life, and discovered that you have a knitting blog. And as a beginning knitter (and also somebody who’s known you in an internet sort of way, on and off, for some time) I think I’m going to start reading it.

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