Holy crap!

Will you look at this please?


This is a booth FULL OF SOCKS THAT ROCK.

I will be here. I will finally get some. I will turn into a consumerist monster this weekend, and I just don’t care!

Also, I might be wearing my (new surprise) Haverford sweatshirt, and/or my green Sheep and Wool volunteer t-shirt. Come buy a t-shirt from me. I’ll find a name tag. And a Ravelry button!


  1. DUDE. How am I missing this?!

    Oh, that’s right. I’m weak. 😉

    Thanks for the birthday wishes. I’m happy, I did get my wheel. 😀 Inhale the yarn fumes for me. And come to Rhinebeck. Seriously.

  2. The problem with the socks that rock, is that I like to sleep in, and I don’t like lines. I suspect that by the time I get there there will be many fewer rockin’ socks. Ah well. Some other time. =]

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