The Carnage

I’m amused by myself and the references to Sheep and Wool being somewhat akin to lions eating an antelope. Maybe that was just me, but that’s a bit what it felt like, maybe. Really lovely, peaceful lions, eating a wonderfully sunny, breezy, fiber-filled and wholesome antelope.



The stalls were half-up and empty of people, but they were beautiful. I spent the day with the Skein and Garment competition and learned more about yarn and spinning yarn than I literally thought there was to know. Insane. And amazing. I got some incredible critiques on my yarn and know what to do next time. My spinning has already improved.


I arrived…
the time...parking
… to a parking lot full already, and made a bee-line for The Fold’s booth, which was full of Socks that Rock, and also full of knitters. Being bound for a 9:00 start time selling t-shirts for the festival, I stood in line with my two happily acquired skeins until about 9:30. No guilt.

I visited my socks.
socks.  hah.

And bought some yarn.

At lunch I met up with Molly, and we watched the sheep dogs for a bit (but I had to go back and sell more shirts).
M + Elinor

There were emus. And alpacas. And llamas.
baby emus (wtf?!)Alpacasllamas

I saw lots of people I knew, and took pictures of none of them. I saw Jessica, Erin and Michelle of The Sweet Sheep, and Coleen. I also saw my Spanish teacher and her daughter/my friend who is coming with me to Haverford. I saw Lolly at the Ravelry meet up, and I saw Jacey admiring her yarn at the skein and garment (she won first place for her hand spun yarn with eyeballs).

Did I mention I LOVE this festival?

After I got off selling shirts at 6, I went to (got lost en route to) the Ravelry party!
Ravelry party

I met the lovely Jess and Casey, and coerced the adorable and fashionable Mary-Heather into a photograph:
Ravelry party
(she’s way cuter than I am).

I met Pam (right) and Julsey,
Ravelry party

and won some yarn in the raffle(!).
Webs Prize from the Ravelry party
(thank you Webs/Ravelry!)

I didn’t expect to stay until 11PM, but I was having such a good time that I did. It was lovely. Everyone was so fun and interesting and wonderful. Then I went home and crashed.

In order to return on Sunday! I came back with my mom and sister on Sunday for the shopping. We saw a lot more of the barns than I’d seen the day(s) before, so that was good. Also we ate funnel cake. Then I picked up my items in the skein and garment competition, and we came home. I forgot to take pictures all day, but pictures of me shopping really aren’t interesting.

Pictures of what I shopped FOR, however, clearly are.

Four Play
Five skeins of Brooks Farm Yarn Four Play (wool/silk) for a sweater (pattern as yet unchosen) for me.

Six skeins of O-Wool for the Elinor tunic from this summer’s IK.

Two skeins of Koigu for socks.

Tess's laceweight
Two skeins of superwash merino laceweight from Tess Yarns for a shawl of some sort (I’m loving knitting lace).

SapphireChapman Springs
Two skeins of Socks that Rock mediumweight in “Sapphire” and “Chapman Springs.”

Ashford flyer parts
And finally, parts for my Ashford knockoff spinning wheel.

Now I’m beat. I started a pair of socks with the STR Chapman Springs, but the yarn was too exciting for the pattern. I loved knitting with it, though. Yum.

There are, of course, lots more pictures in the Flickr set, so please click on through to see like 15 more pictures of those alpacas (among other things).

We’ll see about next year. S&W tends to fall right in the time of serious studying for finals in the college world, and I might not make it (sob!).

I loved it.

Oh, also I got a photo with Jess and Casey– my sister pushed me to ask because I was being shy. I’m glad she did!
omg Ravelry



  1. Congrats on your blue-ribbon, that’s awesome. And seeing all your purchases makes me feel better about mine… so thanks! πŸ˜›

  2. Woah, you got a fantastic haul! Congrats again on your ribbons, too. πŸ™‚ And yeah, MDS&W does tend to happen at the same time finals happen…which is why you should come to Rhinebeck instead/along with S&W. It’s in October. I see no finals here. πŸ˜‰

  3. It was so great meeting you at the ravelry party! We didn’t expect to stay as long as we did either but we were having too much fun!

  4. I was going to ask you if you were knitting the Elinor tunic thing just because it has your name as the title, but then I went to look at the pictures and discovered it was actually an awesome pattern. And then I thought about it a little more, and realized that probably if I found an “Eleanor” pattern (spelled properly, obviously) I probably would solemnly print it out/copy it, then knit it when I actually had gained the skillz to do so, no matter how horrific it was.

  5. Another WOW! Thanks for sharing your adventures at the sheep and wool. Couldn’t go this year, maybe next.

    Congrats on your socks! That is so cool.

    Love all the yarn you got, can’t wait to see your finished projects.

  6. So, I’m a little late to the comment party, but wow! Congrats on the blue ribbon! Your winning socks are really pretty!

    It was fun hanging out with you at the Ravelry party!!! We had such a lucky table. Glad we sat where we did!


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