FO: Uzume (and a contest!!)

Start: May 5th, 2008
Finish: May 24th, 2008
Pattern: Uzume (ravelry)
Yarn: Hand dyed (by me) merino sock yarn
Needles: US size 2s, two at a time on two circular needles

Very pretty!

I have a short attention span, apparently. The repeat on these socks was only 6 rows, and so I had to do ten of them on the legs, and because I did them both at once they seemed to take FOREVER, so I was bored. But I plugged along and each little closed cable was very cute and satisfying.

I love the lace! I love how on the foot you can see my tattoo through the lacey pattern. It’s great.

Ah, so where is the contest, you ask?

Well this pair of socks is my twentieth pair of socks. I feel like that’s a lot. And as I feel like that’s a lot, I feel it also deserves a contest in celebration!

So here’s your job: leave a comment on this entry (and if you feel like it, link me a picture to your sock yarn stash, if you have one), and in a week (next Saturday, May 31st) I will put all the names in a metaphorical hat and draw one, and that will be my winner!

Here’s the incentive:

This is hand-dyed yarn, by me, in a gradient pattern. I’m actually going to dye another ball so the gradient matches (this one only goes light to dark) and you can knit two socks that will look similar, instead of one being all light and the other being all dark.

If you don’t want the purple, I also have teal, turquoise, and green. I’m using them all for my sweater, so I have more dye than I can use (except for all the bare sock yarn I bought).

Leave me a comment!



  1. Dude, I’m so in on the contest. πŸ˜‰ Congrats on 20 pairs of socks! I don’t know what it’s like to knit 20 of anything. Talk about a short attention span. Knitting those two baby sweaters for the twins this year almost killed me. πŸ˜‰ Your socks are gorgeous; I love your dye jobs.

    Sadly, I don’t have a picture of all of my (sad, puny) sock yarn stash all in one place. It’s all got separate photos on Ravelry, though.

  2. Your socks are awesome!! I am in awe of twenty pairs of socks. I think I am at 12 or 15 pairs. I can’t imagine 20 pairs! If you want to see my stash, you can look on my Ravelry. (TeenKnitter)

  3. Woohoo! A sock yarn contest! Congratulations on the 20th pair of socks. I’m only on my 8th, but they’re moving along pretty fast.

    Here’s a pic of my sock yarn stash (and those baskets are pretty deep too!), and it’s actually grown a little since the picture:

  4. Those socks are gorgeous! You did a great job dyeing that yarn. And the pattern shows it off beautifully. I’m definitely adding it to my queue.

    No pictures of my sock yarn stash, I think I’d be afraid by it’s size.

    Congrats on your 20th pair. They are so addictive.

  5. Your socks are beautiful! I’m sure it is due to the great dyeing you do. As you mentioned in Ravelry, there isn’t any pooling, and that is something a lot of dyers haven’t accomplished!

  6. What lovely socks! I downloaded that pattern a while ago; you’ve inspired me to move it up in the queue (although I’m sure the handdyed yarn is what really makes the difference).

    While most of my stash lives in a chest of drawers, I keep my sock yarn on display in my coffee table. You can see a photo here:

  7. Congrats on the twentieth pair. I’m sure it’s a sign you’ll keep on going. I have and never think twice about it. Your dyeing is wonderful and the colors are gorgeous. My stash pics are al on Ravelry, sorry.

  8. Your socks look lovely. You are really doing great with the dying. And… hello?! You built your own wheel! That is amazing! So great! Can’t wait to see how he spins for you. The name Leanord just came to mind. I have NO idea why. lol!

    My sock yarn stash… it reveals my sock addiction… I don’t have a picture of it all, but it can all be seen on my ravelry stash page.

  9. Twenty pairs is definitely a lot! I’ve been considering doing an airing of the stash and a recording of it on Ravelry. If I do, I’ll be sure to come back and share the picture with you. I admit, though, I’m sort of scared to admit how much yarn I have compared to how few pairs of socks I’ve knit…

  10. Congrats on 20 pairs! That is a real milestone!

    I’m just about to upload the first and only pic of a *portion* of my (ridiculously huge) sock stash for the thread in the SOS group so you can see it there (if I have the guts to post it, LOL)

  11. Your socks are beautiful – the yarn matches the pattern so nicely! You really have such a talent for dyeing and a great eye for color.

    20 pairs – congrats! I bet SKA sockdowns have helped you stay obsessed. πŸ™‚

    I’d love to enter your contest. I don’t have a photo of just my sock yarn stash, but I do have my whole stash up to date on Ravelry – .

  12. Congrats on finishing your 20th pair of socks! I can only aspire to complete as many (hopefully this summer in SOS! lol) That’s gorgeous yarn you dyed, both on the socks and in the skein. You did a beautiful job on the pattern as well, the detailed photos are so lovely. Here’s a link to my stash page on Rav–modest, but fun I think πŸ™‚

    thanks for a fun contest!

  13. Saw your socks in the SKA forum on Rav. You did a wonderful job of dyeing – the yarn and pattern compliment each other very well.

    I have not photographed my yarn stash yet. I’m almost afraid to.

    Congratulations on your 20th pair! May you knit many many more.

  14. I agree with our Ravelry folks that you could definitely sell this gorgeous yarn on Etsy if you’ve ever got some extra time on your hands! In the meantime, though, I’m glad you’re willing to share your talents for free πŸ™‚ I’m no where near 20 pairs yet myself, but I think you just inspired me to at least get off the intertubes and work on the 5th pair that is waiting for me!

  15. I don’t dare take a photo of my sock yarn stash as DH doesn’t need to know just how much is there. (He sees the closet in theory, but he doesn’t need to know what’s hidden in the boxes. πŸ™‚

    Congrats on your 20th pair! It’s a great accomplishment, and now you can look forward to your next 20. There are so many great yarns out there that it’s hard NOT to knit socks!

  16. More beautiful socks? How can you possibly decide which pair to wear each morning? Congrats on 20 pairs, my total stands at … zero. You are certainly a talented dyer as well, both the prize and your socks are lovely colors. Thanks for having a contest to celebrate!

  17. Oooh!!!! I absolutely adore graduated colorways. I’ve been experimenting with longer color repeats and having a lot of fun. Sock are my next big adventure. The little cables are SO cute!!
    Thanks for such a fun contest!

  18. Hi,

    your socks are beautiful, the lace looks amazing, and the yarn too! I was linked here by your announcement of a yarn contest on Ravelry, and of course I couldn’t resist – but I also linked your blog into my feedreader, so I’ll never miss your news!

    Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) I don’t have a pic of my whole stash. But just today I got the most precious delivery of sock yarn I’ve ever laid my hands upon:

    Best regards
    Nantke aka DeusXMachina

  19. congrats on your 20th pair. i never bothered to count, so i really don’t have any idea how many pairs i have knit.

    your yarn is most beautiful!

    i am afraid of my sock yarn stash.

  20. Beautiful sock, love your colorway and the pattern is quite cool as well! COngrats on 20 pair (makes me wonder , i have never counted!) No picture of my stash though!!

  21. Wow – 20 pairs. THat’s amazing. I’m mostly a sweater-knitter, so don’t have much of a sock yarn stash but I’d love to try.

  22. Wow, I love sock yarn, but never use it for socks! I know, I must be crazy! But I use it for shawls and all other kinds of projects!! They look beautiful… maybe I’ll have to try socks one day!!

  23. Wow, 20 is a lot more than I’ve knit. Takes me forever to knit socks! I have also gotten Second Sock Syndrome and have a bunch of single knitted socks! LOL

  24. Those are gorgeous socks! Congratulations on 20 pairs – I haven’t been keeping track, but I think I’m only somewhere around half that.

  25. Beautiful socks! I only have 2 pairs of socks done, with 2 more on the needles right now. It’ll take me years to get to 20 at the rate I’m going. πŸ˜‰ Congratulations!

  26. hi!
    great job on your 20th pair of socks!! I’m only on my 10th I think. well maybe by the end of the year I’ll be up there with you. awesome idea on the contest too!:)

  27. Purple is my favorite and I love subtle dying.

    I won’t tell you how many pairs I’ve knitting, but it is a SMALL number.

  28. I’m almost done with my FIRST pair of socks. Totally plain stockinette, but I’m still pretty proud of how they are turning out. Please enter me in the contest and teal or green would be my favorite colors!

  29. What an inspiration. I’ll be 90 before I knit 20 pairs of socks!

    I love the yarn in the socks you knit, and I love purple.

  30. I’m a beginner and will be making my first pair of socks soon. I love your hand dyed yarn-count me in!

  31. Lovely socks! You’re on your 20th pair and I’m working on my first sock! I must say that I’m enjoying it more than I thought! I’ve gone back and forth thinking my sock might or might be part of a pair and I’m happy report that at this moment in time I really think it will not be a lonely sock but will have a mate!

    Congratulations on 20 pairs!

  32. Holy Moly – that’s a lot of socks!

    Love the socks – love the yarn. I’m a sock newby so no stash to flash.

  33. Congrats on working through 20 socks! I’m pretty new to sock knitting, having only started in February, but I have finished 4 pairs so far, with the goal of knitting a pair a month!

  34. WOW!! 20 pairs!! That’s definately a feat (feet) ha!
    I don’t have a current photo of my sock yarn stash. Maybe I should work on that.
    Once Sarah moves in we’ll be going through all the yarn stashed around this house and reorganizing.

  35. Congratulations on 20 pairs of socks! I stand at 12 and 1/2 (a little case of second sock syndrome on a pair I didn’t enjoy). My sock yarn stash is hidden in several places (what my husband doesn’t know won’t hurt him! and spreading it throughout the house makes it seem so much more manageable).

  36. Congrats! I bet I won’t make my 20 for quite a while (I’ve only made 4! But I am working, slowly and with much boredom, on a 5th pair). I bet the teal yarn is so pretty…

  37. Congrats! I’ve only made it through 2 pairs of socks, but I like to use sock yarn for sweaters and camis.

  38. Twenty pairs of socks is certainly worth a celebration. Your socks are very pretty and well made. I absolutely love your dye job.

    Here is a link to my sock yarn stash which I’ve been trying to knit up as fast as I can.

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  40. Whoa! 20 pairs, congrats. i’ve just started knitting socks. I think its time, I’ve already started 3 pair already (two are testers using worsted weight) . All using the 1 cir needle method. you can see pics on my ravelry page. thanks for the contest.

  41. 20 pairs! Go you! I think I’ve knit about 10 complete pairs and I have around 5 or 6 single socks I still need to knit mates for!

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