drawing a winner

Hooray! We have a winner for our 20th Pair Contest/Drawing! Yay.

That was fun, everyone, thanks so much for commenting and getting involved and flashing some sock stash. Some of you have some awesome stashes, and I am way jealous.

When we go on our cross-country trip this summer, my mother said I’m only allowed to take two sock projects. Outrageous! It’s a six week trip, and I can finish a pair of socks in two weeks with distractions– with a lot driving, I’ll be finishing those in days. So I’m going to sacrifice packing underwear so I can pack more yarn.

Okay, just kidding. I promise to pack enough underwear.

Anyway, the winner of the drawing for the very sexy gradient sock yarn is…

darbyrose! Yay!

Darbyrose, email me at felinecrafty-AT-gmail-DOT-com to stake your claim on the very sexy yarn.

Again, thanks to everyone a ton. That post is probably my highest frequented, aside from the Spring Cable socks pattern.

And for the sake of having a picture, here’s Admiral Nelson taking a nap.
Admiral Nelson takes a nap



  1. well…maybe you can talk her into making a stop on the road and sneak in another pair of socks by purchasing yarn! Enjoy! Congrats darby!

  2. Is Nelson’s middle name Horatio? ‘Cause that’d be fantastic.

    Now, did your mom say two SOCK projects or two KNITTING projects? Because, really, you could take two sock projects and a hat or something. Hats/sweaters/scarves/wristwarmers are not socks, after all. Muahaha.

  3. Yay to darbyrose!

    You’re welcome to use a technique that my best friend uses when she travels: she packs her oldest underwear and socks and throws them out as the trip goes on, thus freeing up space in her suitcase. (That way there would be room for souvenir sock yarn as your travels progress.)

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