I think I made it…

Thus ends my 13 year time at the Park School.


Icarus was finished just on time. I blocked it Thursday, overnight, and the cat came along and tried to help by pulling out the pins I was putting in (this is the one who likes pulling push pins out of bulletin boards).


Start: February 9, 2008
Finish: June 5, 2008
Pattern: Icarus (Ravelry) by Miriam Felton
Yarn: Jojoland Harmony in HC04, which is an off-white gradient rainbow.
Needles: US #3, circular.

(see more specs and pictures on the Ravelry project entry)


It’s beautiful. It went perfectly with the dress, I didn’t need a shawl pin (although I wouldn’t turn one down now), and it had exactly the right level of color in it that made it glow against my white graduation dress.

I did not, however, take it up with me to get my diploma. At Park they draw diplomas at random. The first one is chosen randomly, and then after each student receives his or her diploma, they choose the next one out of the basket. So you have to be paying attention and ready to be called.

So when I was called, I didn’t want to spend time gathering up the shawl, beautiful as it is. The last person to get picked wins the pool of money that everyone puts a few dollars into. It turns into a big betting game, and all the teachers have a pool on who will be last. Hilarious. I love my school.

But I guess it’s about time to be moving on.



  1. That came out so pretty! Honestly, I was intensely confused everytime you said that you were making it for graduation, because I thought you were wearing robes. You’re so lucky you got to wear a pretty dress instead. We had to wear heavy black robes on the hottest day of the summer thus far, in an indoor graduation. We should have traded!
    Just kidding. Then Icarus would have been a waste and I would have felt bad.

  2. Congratulations! Both you and the shawl are beautiful. It’s always hard to leave a place you love, but the new will be ever so much fun.

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