Frances is (eta: not) a boy’s name

So… I may have joined Plurk, and it’s true what they say: it’s pretty addictive. I don’t want to miss a thing! Whew. And I keep thinking that this trip coming up is going to be great for me getting detatched from my computer dependency, but since my parents have, in a way, insisted that I bring the laptop along to keep a record of everything we do and see, I think I’m doomed.

Oh well. Plurk certainly is amusing.

I finished the Playwright’s hat, and I waited for him to come over to take some FO pictures, so they’ll be up soon (hopefully today?)

I’ve been working on my sister’s hat, which went through a few incarnations before I settled on this one. I wouldn’t necessarily advise doing fair isle with two colors so close as these are, but I like how subtle the blue is against the gray.

Frances on the needles

I’m using some Schachenmayr nomotta Saskia. It’s a bit of hand-me-down in yarn terms: I found the ball of this yarn in a plastic bag along side the label and one finished mitten that my mom knit however long ago.

Frances's ribbing

The other yarn, the blue and pink one, is a merino/silk blend that I spun for my sister. She picked it out when I was offering her some yarn out of my stash, wanting to use some handspun, and she chose the unspun roving. It wasn’t enough for a whole hat, and I’m quite pleased that I found something to go along with it. I was thinking about using some white alpaca that I have instead, but I like the gray a lot.

Frances - fair isle

I’m into the decrease section now, and it should turn into a very cute beret for my artsy-cool sister.



  1. I agree with you, the subtleness of the blue and gray are very pretty together, just frustrating to knit! Very beautiful!

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