So lately I’ve had a lot of interest in my spinning wheel. I put together a Flickr set to illustrate as best I could the construction.




Froot Loops! A sock (picture) saga.

Boy, this has been an exciting two weeks. We left Baltimore on the 8th, and drove to Asheville, where I cast on these socks on the 10th leaving Lake Norman. They had their first adventure at Biltmore, with the blacksmith!


One repeat later, I harassed some animals.

The next morning, we ate breakfast at Waffle House! Mmmyum the south.

Then the sock visited the Biltmore Mansion proper.

In Tennessee, the sock saw David (Davy) Crockett.

The sock has crossed many state lines (I didn’t manage to get the NC-TN line, nor really the MS-AK line).

When we broke down outside Rockdale, Texas, I finished sock number one.

Sock number two got to see Austin, Texas, and the waitress at Guero’s agreed to hold it.

The next day, we ate lunch at Fliphappy Crepes, where the sock met another local, Josh.

We went to Hill Country Weavers in Austin. It rocked! HCW could easily be a favourite on my country-wide yarn crawl. I loved HCW. Their selection was ginormous: room after room of a delicious selection of yarn. They were super friendly, clearly busy due to happy customers, and really lovely. We were quite pleased. ^_^

(also I got yarn there for gloves for the Playwright and another pair of socks that I cast on today)

In San Antonio, the sock experienced the River Walk, and also the waiter at the restaurant that evening could be convinced to hold it.

The sock was finished on the evening of July 20th, in Fredericksburg, Texas, and the pair was complete!

Froot Loops

Froot Loop socks
Start: July 10, 2008
Finish: July 20, 2008
Yarn: Koigu KPPPM in purple
Pattern: Froot Loop by Kristi Geraci

Froot Loops

I love them. They’re very comfy. One of the heel flaps is (significantly) shorter than the other, but the fit is barely noticeable, and I refused to rip back.

Froot Loops

Such an adventure.

Well, off we go…

So today’s the day we head off on our grand adventure! If you’re interested in following that endeavor, I’m keeping a log of the trip at http://cacafuego.wordpress.com. It’s going to be good.

In preparation for this, I made an effort to get some stuff off the needles so I didn’t take along fifteen UFOs and try in vain to finish them.

So first I finished my sister’s hat.

That is my very European, very tanned from Italy, sister.


Start: June 14, 2008
Finish: June 30, 2008.
Yarn: Blue/pink merino silk blend, handspun, plus Schachenmayr nomotta Saskia, in gray.
Needles: US 4
Pattern: Frances

She loves it.

Also I finished my Mad Sapphire Weave socks.


(I apologize for cramming all this in before I go…)

May 25th – June 5th, US size 2 needles, Socks that Rock Mediumweight in “Sapphire.” Very cool. Pattern is Mad Color Weave by Tina Lorin.

Finally, I finished my Kaffe Stripe socks.

Kaffe stripe socks

Started June 15th, finished July 5th, 2008. Yarn is Regia 4-ply sock yarn in some kind of crazy Kaffe Fasset Colorway. They’re simple, 64 stitch stockinette socks with a heel flap and gusset and wedge toe. I’m going to give them to my sister for her birthday, which is August 9th.

Woo hoo!

Thanks for putting up with that randomosity.

I’m going to miss my boys:
Zeke and KaffeNelson

and my playwright. I’ll probably post from the road, but definitely not as often (although apparently RV parks now have wifi almost universally. Who knew?).

Enjoy the summer! I’ll be casting on my SOS’08 socks soon. Yay!

FO: The Playwright’s Cabled Hat

Playwright + hat

Hooray, finished things! Oddly enough, really focusing on a project makes it go faster. Sometimes I think I’m a process knitter (learned a technique? okay, finished with this), and sometimes I’m sure I’m a product knitter (want to be done!). I haven’t any idea which one is true. Maybe I’m both. This one was a fun, quick, cabled, wooly knit.

Start: June 21st, 2008
Finish: June 24th, 2008
Pattern: Over Due Hat by KnittyHaven
Yarn: Vermont Organic Fiber Company: O-Wool Classic, in orange (color 640204)
Needles: US size 6 circulars and dpns. (I might have used size 5 dpns… I’m not sure.)

Playwright + hat

The pictures aren’t fabulous, but the hat is very cute, to go with a rather cute boy. I altered the decreases at the top because the ones in the pattern didn’t make sense, but otherwise it’s all as written. For the decreases, I found that there were 9 cables, so I put three on each dpn. Then I made sure to decrease 6 stitches every other row, primarily by k2tog-ing a knit over a purl, thereby absorbing the purl stitches.

It was nice to get to knit a whole hat out of less than one ball of yarn. Hopefully what’s left (a rather small orange ball) will be enough for accents on the Elinor tunic.

Also I finished my sister’s hat yesterday, but currently it is drying, and I’d like to take pictures of it while she’s wearing it.

Playwright + hat