FO: The Playwright’s Cabled Hat

Playwright + hat

Hooray, finished things! Oddly enough, really focusing on a project makes it go faster. Sometimes I think I’m a process knitter (learned a technique? okay, finished with this), and sometimes I’m sure I’m a product knitter (want to be done!). I haven’t any idea which one is true. Maybe I’m both. This one was a fun, quick, cabled, wooly knit.

Start: June 21st, 2008
Finish: June 24th, 2008
Pattern: Over Due Hat by KnittyHaven
Yarn: Vermont Organic Fiber Company: O-Wool Classic, in orange (color 640204)
Needles: US size 6 circulars and dpns. (I might have used size 5 dpns… I’m not sure.)

Playwright + hat

The pictures aren’t fabulous, but the hat is very cute, to go with a rather cute boy. I altered the decreases at the top because the ones in the pattern didn’t make sense, but otherwise it’s all as written. For the decreases, I found that there were 9 cables, so I put three on each dpn. Then I made sure to decrease 6 stitches every other row, primarily by k2tog-ing a knit over a purl, thereby absorbing the purl stitches.

It was nice to get to knit a whole hat out of less than one ball of yarn. Hopefully what’s left (a rather small orange ball) will be enough for accents on the Elinor tunic.

Also I finished my sister’s hat yesterday, but currently it is drying, and I’d like to take pictures of it while she’s wearing it.

Playwright + hat


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