omg college

I made it! Yesterday the family and I loaded all my stuff into the Sophie (cargo van), and drove up to college. Unpacking with everyone there was a bit nerve-wracking, what with the rearranging furniture and people in the way and stuff everywhere, but now I’m settled and things are looking up.

Wanna see my room? I have a triple, with two other girls, but we have three separate rooms, and the middle one (mine) connects to the hall. It’s working out well, and I’m very happy with it.

Bed and desk. Window faces east, which I love.


Over the bed.

Closet from the desk, and the door to the hall.

I love it! I have to decorate more, but I like it.

Me and Sarah, on the way up.

We had fun yesterday, playing silly games, having dinner, having a welcome ceremony/assembly, and having smoothies. Today people are taking placement tests, and then we have lunch, some kind of meeting on the Honor Code, and a Hypnotist, but not all at once.

Anyway, in fibery news, I finished the Playwright’s gloves on time for the Ravelympics.

I know the picture’s kind of odd against my striped skirt, but I had to get one to post in time.

And sometime this past week I finished my Deep Space Clapotis, and I’m wearing it now and looking very chic.

Again, not a great picture, and so I apologize.

Oh, and we got a new cat, and now that I’m away I won’t get to play with him much (duh), but he’s very cute, and we named him Rowan because he is a redhead.

I still miss Nelson and wish he’d come home, but Rowan is a sweetie, and Zeke is getting used to him.



I admit, I have not really been watching the Olympics. I’ve spent most of my evenings out with friends instead, stocking up on friend-time before I leave for college on the 27th. I think I saw men’s synchronized diving.

But god forbid I be left out on something fun and huge like the Ravelympics!

So I also decided it would be a “good idea” to knit for Christmas this year– something I’ve sworn not to do before. But since I’ve started now, and I have a plan, etc, it should work out with minimal embarrassment.

Aspen Cowl

Start: August 8th, 2008
Finish: August 13th, 2008 It really only took two days to knit, but I made it too big the first time. Boo.
Pattern: Aspen Cowl by Andrea Tung
Yarn: Malabrigo Sily Merino in “Nocturnal,” which I bought at Yarn Paradise in Asheville, NC. Exciting!
Needles: US 8.

I cast on 130 stitches at first, and knit all the way to the end of the yarn, but that ended up very wide and short and outrageous, so I frogged it and started again with 110, which was perfect. It’s very cozy, and exactly why I prefer cowls over scarves. Plus they take 1/27th the time to knit, practically. I love them.

So that was finished, and then I cast on a pair of gloves for the Glove Decathalon. The Playwright asked for a pair of gloves, and so these will be for him (he’s already seen them, not to worry).

Gloves for the Playwright

I love them. I love gloves! I even love fingers. I don’t love knitting fingers (I don’t mind it), but I love the way they look and how pretty the yarn is in the narrow tube. They are beautiful. I want a pair for myself.

The yarn is Lorna’s Laces Sport in “Jeans,” and while the PW asked for gray, I found blue/gray, and he was content. I love this yarn. And these gloves. I will have new gloves this winter too, let me tell you.

And then there I was yesterday in Lovelyarns, and I was there for a whole hour or more, knitting contentedly, when I got up to get different 4s for the gloves. And walked right by the new Dream in Color Smooshy that Sue had. At eye level. Damn!

So since I’d worked before I left and had some hours stored up, I might have come home with some.
Smooshy "GoGo Grassy"Smooshy "Flamingo Pie"Smooshy "Lunar Zazzle"

I am a Smooshy whore. I’m pathetic.

From left to right: GoGo Grassy, Flamingo Pie, and Lunar Zazzle. They are beautiful, and exactly why I love this yarn. *flail*

Anyway, next in line after the Ravelympics are over: potentially a gift for my dad, although I’m thinking it would be okay to like, save that for later. I might get him something else. Whatever.

And then! More holiday knitting: socks for my cousins.

Last time I saw them they were little, and now they are 11 and 14 or something outrageous, and have normal-sized feet of normal-sized people, and not, say, children’s feet. But I’m knitting them socks, and I’ll start soon. My self-imposed deadline is September 31st, and then it’s on to presents for my other set of cousins (who are toddler sized).

Socks for West Coast cousins
Blue for Joel, yellow/green for Anna. I’m excited, actually. Anna’s socks will be Hedera socks, in conjunction with the Sock Knitters Anonymous Sockdown! 2008-09.

Knits across America

Well, just my knits.

So when we left (July 8th, over a month ago) I almost packed more knitting than clothes. I packed a week’s worth of clothing, and shoved it all in my duffel bag under the back seat in the RV, but I hid my knitting like, all over in pockets and bags, under seats and stuff, all over the RV. I took my Elinor tunic and all its yarn, a pair of Koigu KPPPM skeins for a pair of socks (Froot Loops!), my Clapotis, my Hemlock Ring Blanket, and the Palindrome scarf for my dad.

I worked on all of these, and even bought yarn to start two more projects (Nanners and the Aspen Cowl)!

I sort of finished the Elinor tunic. When I first finished it, back around July 10th, it felt a little short.
Elinor tunic

But now that I look at in comparison to what it is now (about 5 inches longer), I like it better short. It looks weird on me now, and I am disappointed, because I did all kinds of crazy cutting open and re-knitting and sewing back together, which might have been in vain.

Elinor tunic

I don’t know. So it’s in time out right now so I can consider what to do. I might undo the graft I did and rip back and re-graft it where it was and leave it at that. Anyway, now the band falls at a rather unflattering spot, whereas before it was just sort of iffy.

I’m not pleased. Oh well.


Also on the trip, as you may have seen, I started and finished my Froot Loop socks:
Froot Loops

Also I started and finished a new pair:

Start: July 21, 2008
Finish: August 7, 2008
Pattern: Nanners by Wendy Johnson
Yarn Nature’s Palette Fingering in “Autumn Leaf”
Needles: US 2s, 2 circs (one at a time)

Cute! The pattern was fun, but at first I didn’t like the heel. It felt too shallow. But now that I’ve worn them both, it feels fine, so I will forgive. ^_^



I worked on the Deep Space Clapotis, which you may be able to tell is long-ish in this picture, but I was getting bitten my mosquitoes at the time so I rushed it.

I started the decreases, too, and got most of the way through section 4 before I decided I could do two extra repeats of the middle section, so I ripped back, and I am very content. I love working on it, when I’m working on it, but it gets boring, so sometimes I put it down. But it will be simply beautiful when it is finished.

I partially frogged and reknit the outer feather-and-fan section of the Hemlock Ring Blanket, and it is coming along swimmingly, although the rounds do tend to get longer as I add stitches.
Hemlock Ring

It also will be beautiful, but I am content to let it grow slowly.

And finally, I started the Aspen Cowl for Ravelympics 2008. I cast on August 8th in the morning, almost bound off August 10th, and decided it was both too wide and too short (and I had run out of yarn). So that too was frogged entirely and I’m reknitting it with 20 fewer stitches, and I am greatly pleased. It should be done by tomorrow, at which point I will start a pair of gloves, also for Ravelympics!

Aspen cowl

Yarn Aquisition

I hit four yarn stores on my trip. Hooray!

The first was Yarn Paradise in Asheville, North Carolina.

Malabrigo Silky Merino
Malabrigo Silky Merino in “Nocturnal”

Koigu KPM, Turquoise
Koigu KPM in a Turquoise

This was where my mom asked me how I could honestly take so many different pictures of one skein of yarn. Clearly she does not understand. =P

The second shop was Hill Country Weavers in Austin, Texas, which I loved. I loved it there. It was room after room packed full of yarn, and I was thrilled. Have I shown you the picture of the sock yarn corner? It was awesome. I even went back a few days later when we were in Austin again (blahh) just to calm myself with the yarn fumes and look for spinning fiber (which I did not purchase, as I would want to spin right away, and I had no means to).

I got the Nature’s Palette, which turned into the Nanners above.
Nature's Palette Fingering Weight in "Autumn Leaf"

And also Lorna’s Laces Sport in “Jeans” that will become my Ravelympics gloves.
LL Sport in "Jeans"

The third store was the Red Rock Knit Shop in Sedona, Arizona, which frankly was unimpressive, and I didn’t buy anything.

The fourth shop was completely unexpected: Spin A Yarn in Dubois, WY, where we almost didn’t stop until my mom off-handedly mentioned the yarn store I’d drive right past.

So I basically pulled over right there and jumped out.

It was really cute, and they had a whole section of local wool, and/or locally spun/dyed/etc stuff, so I bought a big hank of Wyoming wool that had been dyed by the owner that I chatted with.

WY wool

That is a stupid picture, but it has my hand for scale, and the inside of the cargo van for context. It will become probably lots of Christmas hats this year. It’s very nice.

And then! The Playwright came over today and brought me a present, which was unexpected and very sweet. He spent the time I was away at a Dramatic Writing program at NYU, and so stopped into Purl soho and asked for “nice sock yarn.” What he brought me is very nice and squishy and beautiful, and I am highly impressed with him. He is very clever. ^_^

Fannie's Fingering Weight
Fannie’s Fingering Weight, colorway “Rhythm N Blues.” Apparently this is their brand, or close enough to it, and I love it.

In sad news, when we got home from vacation we discovered one of our kitties missing. The neighbour said he’d seen The Admiral about the middle of the week, but the cat sitter said she hadn’t seen him since Sunday and hadn’t assumed anything amiss.

Please send good vibes for my Nelson to come home safely! We’ve put out fliers and talked to the neighbours and the SPCA and BARCS and everyone, but the little bugger wasn’t wearing his collar because he takes it off, and he likes adventures. I’m rather worried, but there’s not much else we can do. Send him come-home thoughts!

Beautiful kitties

Thanks. I’ll go into more Ravelympics detail later. For now, goodnight.

Home, post soon.

Hi guys. I’m home. I unpacked today and vacuumed up four weeks of cat hair, and might finish the trip blog’s post tomorrow, although the PlayWright coming over will be very distracting (in a good way, hooray!).

After that, I can knit-blog again. Boy do I have a lot to show you!

But, later, because now I am le tired.