omg college

I made it! Yesterday the family and I loaded all my stuff into the Sophie (cargo van), and drove up to college. Unpacking with everyone there was a bit nerve-wracking, what with the rearranging furniture and people in the way and stuff everywhere, but now I’m settled and things are looking up.

Wanna see my room? I have a triple, with two other girls, but we have three separate rooms, and the middle one (mine) connects to the hall. It’s working out well, and I’m very happy with it.

Bed and desk. Window faces east, which I love.


Over the bed.

Closet from the desk, and the door to the hall.

I love it! I have to decorate more, but I like it.

Me and Sarah, on the way up.

We had fun yesterday, playing silly games, having dinner, having a welcome ceremony/assembly, and having smoothies. Today people are taking placement tests, and then we have lunch, some kind of meeting on the Honor Code, and a Hypnotist, but not all at once.

Anyway, in fibery news, I finished the Playwright’s gloves on time for the Ravelympics.

I know the picture’s kind of odd against my striped skirt, but I had to get one to post in time.

And sometime this past week I finished my Deep Space Clapotis, and I’m wearing it now and looking very chic.

Again, not a great picture, and so I apologize.

Oh, and we got a new cat, and now that I’m away I won’t get to play with him much (duh), but he’s very cute, and we named him Rowan because he is a redhead.

I still miss Nelson and wish he’d come home, but Rowan is a sweetie, and Zeke is getting used to him.



  1. So you basically have your own room? That’s awesome; we weren’t allowed to do that as freshmen. We were either in a double (two people in one room) or a quad (four people in one HUGE room). I got my own room as soon as I could; I had singles the rest of my time on campus. Sigh. I really miss college.

    Also, you can’t tell me there’s no room for your wheel in your room. There so is. 😉

  2. Wow! Awesome room! So much better than my freshmen dorm! I moved out of the dorms my sophomore year!

    Great job on your gloves – they look great!

    Have a fantastic year at school!

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