FO: Hedera

I was going to hold off posting these until I had both pairs of September-Christmas socks finished, but I think these are pretty, and JP agreed to wear the socks so I could take pictures, so there you are.


Start: September 1, 2008 (part of Sockdown! September)
Finished: September 17, 2008
Pattern: Hedera by Cookie A.
Yarn: PennyRose Yarns Penny (sock) in “Gentle Lady”
Needles: US 1, magic loop, one at a time. My other KP 1 circ is with Lucas in Baltimore. I’m sure he’s putting it to good use. =P


I knit these socks for my cousin Anna for Christmas. They live across the country, so I don’t see them much, but it seems that every couple of years I get inspired to send the cousins something for Christmas. Three years ago when I first picked up knitting I sent them two outrageous, fluffy hats, which apparently they loved. Now I have slightly more class, and so I’m knitting the two of them socks. Joel’s pair is nearly finished, but I’m afraid it might come out a bit big. That’s okay, he’s growing.


I love JP’s modeling of these. It’s so adorable and awesome. There’s lots of space here on campus in which to take awesome knit-objects pictures, and once I start/finish my A-Line Drops jacket, I’m going to have a ball running around in it, finding a good place to photograph.

So soon I’ll finish the other pair and post it, but for now, one pair down!


“Ewe and I” Adventure (in some serious rain)

This morning I woke up and realized it was my first real weekend day of this new college school year. So I decided an adventure was in order! Because I love adventures!

Earlier, probably before I even got up here, I found the only yarn store within about 7-10 miles, Ewe and I, which had recently moved from a closer location near Bryn Mawr to about 3 miles from here in Narberth. This morning I determined would be perfect to go find it and hang out for a bit and learn the area. It’s actually set in a really nice little shopping area, and if I had taken more time to explore (or when I do have more time), it ought to be really nice to walk around in. Not as awesome as Hamden, clearly, but it’ll have to do. =P

So here’s my before shot. This is actually crucial, and you’ll see why later.

I set off on my trusty steed around 11:00.
my trusty steed

The ride’s about 3 miles, part of it on moderately busy road, but all fairly flat and not challenging. I was tired, and a bit sweaty, because it has been very muggy here, but all in all a great ride. I really enjoyed it, and I had no trouble finding the store (or a place to lock said trusty steed).

inside of Ewe and I
inside of Ewe and I

The store was really nice! I will absolutely definitely be heading there again. The two employees there were very friendly and enthusiastic, but also very content to let me wander about on my own. I chatted with one, and petted the yarn. Their selection of yarn is different from Lovelyarns, but not in a good/bad way, just different. Their sock yarn collection is of unknown size, because it’s all over the store, so I kept discovering more and getting excited. They have Claudia Hand Painted and plenty of Noro, and some Cherry Tree Hill, and lots of other things. In the front of the store is a table and chairs for sitting around. I sat and worked on my Hedera sock and helped a few ladies figure something out. It’s instinctive, helping people knit in a yarn store, but I had to specify that I didn’t actually work there. Oops. Calm down.

Around 12:40, I decided I should go to Bed Bath & Beyond for part 2 of my day’s mission, if I wanted to make it back to school before the DC closed for lunch (at 2). It was raining by then, but not very hard, and I thought I’d picked a good time because it looked like the rain had let up a bit.

Well just so you know we’re experiencing the rain from a tropical storm, so no indeed it had not. In fact it was pretty much the same the whole time.

I rode to BB&B, bought me a mattress pad and stuffed it into my backpack. I missed the 1:02 train back to the nearest stop (because I thought perhaps I’d just take my bike back and avoid some rain), so I grabbed a burrito at Santa Fe Burrito and took my bike across the street. By the time I figured out which track I needed to be on and had carried the bike down some stairs, under a tunnel, and back up the stairs, the train had arrived. I showed the conductor my student ID, and he was like “What is that.”

Duh, it’s a student ID. Do I get a discount? Do you want my money?

“I’ll get you on the train,” he said, “it’s four dollars.”

I didn’t get on. I had $3 in my wallet, and I just said, “Nevermind, it’s cool, I have $3. Whatever.”

And the train left!

Well F-you, SEPTA, you suck. $4 my college arse.

So I packed my burrito away and finished my soda (I made the conductor hold it so I could find my money) and rode back to school, about 1.5 or 2 miles at that point, in the decently heavy rain. At that point it didn’t even matter anymore how wet I got. I was soaked. My hair was wet, my clothes were wet, my backpack was wet, everything was wet. I couldn’t even tell if I was sweating. I probably was. It just didn’t matter. It wasn’t cold, just wet.

I had so much fun that ride back! When I finally made it to the main college road, I screamed a hello at the guys playing Ultimate (I’m on the women’s team), and they were all kind of like, “What…?”

So here’s my after picture:

Yeah! Soaking wet.

It’s still raining now, 2+ hours later. It’ll probably last all night, too.

At Ewe and I, I picked up some Dream in Color Baby/Lace, because I felt like showing up sweaty, staying for an hour, and usurping some customer-helping ought to be followed by spending some money.
Beach Fog Lace

Isn’t it lovely? I’m excited.

Also, my first Hedera sock is on the foot region, nearing the toe. I need to try it on Julia (roommate) because she has size 8 feet and I need to see when they’ll be long enough.
Anna's Hederas

Today’s been a good day. I apologize for not blogging much. I’m busy during the week! Ultimate Frisbee literally takes up 10+ hours of my week, which is awesome and intense. We practice for 2 hours, Monday through Friday, plus I’m expected to go to the gym a few times a week and lift weights, and go running once a week. I love playing Ultimate. It’s worth all the work. But that’s my excuse, anyway, and thanks for sticking around.