FO: Hedera

I was going to hold off posting these until I had both pairs of September-Christmas socks finished, but I think these are pretty, and JP agreed to wear the socks so I could take pictures, so there you are.


Start: September 1, 2008 (part of Sockdown! September)
Finished: September 17, 2008
Pattern: Hedera by Cookie A.
Yarn: PennyRose Yarns Penny (sock) in “Gentle Lady”
Needles: US 1, magic loop, one at a time. My other KP 1 circ is with Lucas in Baltimore. I’m sure he’s putting it to good use. =P


I knit these socks for my cousin Anna for Christmas. They live across the country, so I don’t see them much, but it seems that every couple of years I get inspired to send the cousins something for Christmas. Three years ago when I first picked up knitting I sent them two outrageous, fluffy hats, which apparently they loved. Now I have slightly more class, and so I’m knitting the two of them socks. Joel’s pair is nearly finished, but I’m afraid it might come out a bit big. That’s okay, he’s growing.


I love JP’s modeling of these. It’s so adorable and awesome. There’s lots of space here on campus in which to take awesome knit-objects pictures, and once I start/finish my A-Line Drops jacket, I’m going to have a ball running around in it, finding a good place to photograph.

So soon I’ll finish the other pair and post it, but for now, one pair down!



  1. Ooh, those look nice! Are those doubling as Sockdown! socks? I was going to try Monkeys, but I don’t know if I’ll have time to do it between now and the end of October. 😛

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