This is Huge

Look. Look what I have on the needles, according to Ravelry. Look at my Works In Progress. There are only three!


Click to make it bigger, because this is such a big deal. I’m down to the wire! These are projects I’ve been working on forever, and keep getting put aside because I have other things I want to knit, or I get tired of them, or, as in the case of the blanket, they are such enormous endeavors with such a long time frame that they just sit there and lurk and don’t grow very quickly.

I admit, the one thing not represented here is the Socktoberfest Socks that I started as an on-hand-easy-project, but I took the needles out and used them for other things, and they’re just stuffed in a bag on my bookshelf with waste yarn in and no fate.

I also had started some socks for the SKA Sockdown! October, but I wasn’t enjoying them. They were pretty, and neatly constructed, but I didn’t want to work on them. So I allowed myself to frog them and put the yarn back. I am content.

ANYWAY. The point is, I finished the Fuzzy Mitten Lamb, but I mailed it to Ghana without taking a picture. Plus it’ll be a way better picture in Ghana with Molly than here in my dorm room.

Also, I finished Miss Maisie’s little dress, and it looks great on Mr. Bear.

Maisie's Little Dress

Start: September 28
Finish: October 7
Yarn: Valley Yarns Southwick, cotton/bamboo, in pink!
Needles: US 5
Little sister’s dress by Tora Frøseth Design

Super cute! I love it. It’s so soft and adorable and pink. It needs buttons, but I have a place for those.

Maisie's Little Dress

Now I’ll spend time over break working on my Endpaper Mitts and the Hemlock Ring blanket, and knock some stuff out! I want to finish the mitts, but I’m worried I won’t have enough of the Katia alpaca to finish. We’ll see.


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