Yarn Pirate rocks

So a few weeks ago or so, Georgia of Yarn Pirate had a wee blog contest, asking for suggestions of good etsy.com sites. I shared the one I like to go and stare at when I’m sad/bored/procrastinating/wanting in a little inspiration, Rosasharn Designs (I apparently visit it often enough that I started to type in etsy.com to find the shop and it was my second option in the address bar…).

Rosasharn Designs is a not an indie dyer, but an indie book maker. She makes these fabulously cool notebooks out of found and recycled paper! They’re so awesome. I bought one a few years ago for a swap and sent it to my partner, but have coveted these notebooks ever since. I think they’re great. They’re just the prettiest journals and notebooks, in all sizes and dimensions and paper counts. She uses envelopes and drawing paper and music sheets and coloring book pages and blueprints. Agh! They’re so awesome.

Anyway, Georgia picked my name from her contest, and sent me the yummiest and most generous package ever!

Prize goodies!

Included in the package was some handspun yarn (!!!), a book, and some candy. I shook the box before I opened it and was very excited about the candy noise. =P The handspun is 130 yards of her superwash merino (available in roving!) in the colorway “Pretty Pirate,” and it is all kinds of soft and delicious. I have already rubbed it all over myself a little bit.

Handspun Pretty Pirate

It’s raining today, so the light is weird, and I got a whole bunch of shitty photos and only a few good ones.

Pretty Pirate

I don’t know what I’m going to do with this yet, but it seems to be saying “mittens.”

Thank you Georgia! You rock!



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