Eleanor and the Pretty Pirate

I promised myself I would blog today, and I will! Today was all kinds of fabulous out: I spent a few hours outside today, working on the Green like a college student ought to. =P It was beautiful. I got some done, even, which was double good. On the other hand, I am a bit sickish, which makes me a bit slow.

I wanted to blog a few finished things!

Eleanor socks

First up are the Eleanor socks, which I actually finished before the Leyburns. I gave them to my friend ML on her birthday the other day, and she loved them!

Started February 19, 2009, finished March 15, 2009. Yarn is Mind’s Eye Yarns Merino/Tencel, and the pattern is Eleanor by Monkey Toes.

After those (April 7-9, 2009) I finished these Pretty Pirate mittens on US 10s out of “Pretty Pirate” handspun, spun by Georgia of Yarn Pirate as a gift for me!

Pretty Pirate mittens

They are beautiful and soft, and now of course it’s 85 degrees out. Like you do. They’ll be ready for next winter. Hooray!

Pretty Pirate mittens

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