WIP Wrestling: Round 1

I wanted to get this posted earlier today, July being the month of wrestling, but we went out and watched Public Enemies with Johnny Depp and Christian Bale instead. It had to be done.

This month’s agenda: get my WIPs under control. Okay, so no, I haven’t gone mad and cast on 39526407 new projects, but I’m feeling like they’re stalled and I want new things. The best solution, apparently? Work on my current projects like crazy! Maybe sticking to them and blogging and committing will make everything work out smoothly.

First up: The Lace Ribbon Scarf.

Status: 25% completed.
Weight Class: Lightweight (fingering).
Category: Headspin.
Final goal: 5 feet in length (unless I run out of yarn or want to die).
Plan of attack: Knit on this during lunch every day until completed.
Other notes: A shop sample for Lovelyarns to help them sell weird cotton/nylon sock yarn that won’t sell. Yay! Ripped out a fugly project to make this one. It’s already a bit beat, right?

Next in the ring: The Aeolian Shawl.

Status: ~75% completed.
Weight Class: Featherweight (lace)
Category: Backslide.
Final Goal: Uh, a shawl?
Plan of attack: Work on this at home, while watching Supernatural and being antisocial.
Other notes: It’s getting there! Each row goes smoothly, but it’s been hot, so I don’t want to take it to work and knit on it in the sun. Bleh.

Third to fight: Bayerische.

Status: ~25% completed.
Weight Class: Lightweight (sock).
Category: Leglock.
Final Goal: At least past the heels, if nothing else.
Plan of attack: Once the scarf is finished, these will come with me to work.
Other notes: They’re too complicated (manually) to work on while watching TV, so audiobooks at lunch will be the perfect time. These have languished too damn long to be left alone anymore. I will knit them! (Although no promises to finish, because they are complicated).

Fourth in line: Charade.

Status: 23% completed.
Weight Class: Lightweight (sock).
Category: Leglock.
Final Goal: One complete pair of socks.
Plan of attack: I might take them apart and knit them one at a time. That would get the progress to show faster… but then they might end up different lengths. No real plan yet.
Other notes: Faster work than Bayerische, naturally, but no less imposing.

Fifth on the needles: The Garter Stitch Mobius Cowl.

Status: ~50% completed.
Weight Class: Featherweight (lace).
Category: Headbutt.
Final Goal: One mobius cowl of coziness.
Plan of attack: Take this with me when going places that need my concentration to be elsewhere (SHIT I should have taken it to the movie tonight. Good job, Double Vandal).
Other notes: Simple, soothing, but hot as fuck.

Last, but not forgotten: The Sock Yarn Blanket.

Status: ~22% finished.
Weight Class: Lightweight (sock).
Category: Armbreaker.
Final Goal: Who cares?
Plan of attack: Work on this at all.
Other notes: I just need to show this one a little love again. I love working on it, and now that the base row is completely established, I no longer need to work individual squares. This is both good and bad: good, because I feel like real progress is happening; bad, because now it’s not quite as portable.

Onward! Expect regular updates. I will.


  1. I wanted to do a sockyarn blanket a la the one you’re working on… but the garter stitch won’t let me gooooo… and I’m loving the simplicity of it all. MISS YOU! Are you around?

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