Two Pair (and I’m almost done)

It’s almost May!  Hooray!  In one day, I will be finished with my classes.  I’m on the edge of finishing this last paper, which is due tomorrow.  Then I have two weeks of finals, in which time I need to achieve one (1) fiction portfolio, one (1) Irish Social History exam, and one (1) organic chemistry exam.

In the meantime.

Bricker socks - Knit Me Now in "Lady Slipper"

Bricker Lady Slipper
March 31 to April 16, 2010.
Knit Me Now sock yarn in “Lady Slipper.”
US 2s.

Bricker socks - Knit Me Now in "Lady Slipper"Bricker socks - Knit Me Now in "Lady Slipper"

They’re great. Squishy and easy and happy. This pattern was so easy to work with, easy to memorize, and easy to knit! And fun! It kept me busy in class, where I couldn’t focus on more than a knit/purl combination most of the time. They were perfect.

BSG Vipers
Today I finished my Vipers.

Viper Pilot
January 20 to April 29, 2010.
Neota Zephyr in “Purple Mountain Majesty,” which I bought in Estes Park, CO, on our road trip this year. The yarn was very thin, and dark, so it was tough to knit them when they didn’t have my full concentration. Nonetheless, I love these socks.

BSG VipersBSG VipersBSG VipersBSG Vipers