Oh. Hai.

Radio silence for the win.

So, that happened. School’s been kicking my ass for 3+ months now. Awesome! I’m taking two lab sciences and a difficult math class, plus an anthro class, so basically I spend all my time doing work.

Except for in the month of November, when I spent all my time doing work so I could spend a few hours writing a novel between 11pm and 1am every day. I love my novel. No seriously. But I had to put it down until exams are over (December 18 please arrive soon).

But! Here’s what I’m really here for. I went to pick up my mail today and had a package. Not expecting any mail, I was surprised. When I was handed the package, I squished it a bit, confused, muttering, “This squishes like yarn.” (Quietly.)

(there was candy too, but I eated it)

I just wanted to send a giant thank you to Mandy. It’s been a rough week, and it’s going to keep being rough, but Mandy sent me two skeins of Peace Fleece in a yummy moss green and two patterns: Dinosaurs and Big Teddy with Overalls. Seriously. Thank you so much.

School has made me lose my mind for anything that isn’t Organic Chem or Genetics or Flux Integrals.

Thank you Mandy. Thank you so much.

LOL I just checked my Ravelry, and of course now I remember where this is from. MANDY! You rock hardcore. Thank you. I was all “mystery package yarn?!?!??!?!?” for a few hours today. Hah.

Oh, and I’ve knit some stuff. Or whatever.



I don’t waste any time…

From Toys

Diamond, checking out Happy Bear. Happy Bear is a present for my cousin, but I haven’t given it to him yet. I’m taking Happy Bear tomorrow to Woolworks to show him off, so it’s actually good that I forgot him at home the last time we went to visit.

From Bits

Gloves I made for my father, modeled by the lovely Rebecca (not that you could tell). They came from a mietered mitten pattern that I adapted to make gloves. It worked out pretty well, but I got tired of them pretty fast, and had to force myself to finish them. They turned out nicely. I gave them, one finished and one half-made, to Dad for Christmas. He used them in the snow recently, and we’ve come to the conclusion that, while warm, they are not snow gloves. That didn’t stop him from throwing snow balls at me, but I digress, I’m sure. Hah.

From Bits

These make me pretty happy, though they have a hole and need some edging so they suck a little less. They’re awesome, though, and I wrote/made/faked the pattern. It was a lot of, “knit until you get bored and/or it’s the proper length.” I wish the wrists were longer, but Leah doesn’t seem to care. I have them back now, and I’m going to fix them up for her. But, yeah, they’re cool. Thumb cap and mitten cover. ^_^

That’s all. I haven’t pictures of Happy Octopus, the green/black scarf, or the Blanket now. My camera is getting fixed.

I’m going to Mexico in two days. Hopefully, there, I can finish the first set of blocks for the Blanket and show them off.