It’s been six and a half million years since I was here. Dinosaurs literally walked the earth last time I posted. Okay.

Last time you saw me, I was at Rhinebeck in October. What.

I wrote a novel: ongoing! Original goal of National Novel Writing Month is 50,000 words in 30 days. I have 90,000 now, after 3 months. It’s almost done. Sort of.

I finished Juno for my grandmother for Christmas.
10/21/09-11/13/09, Juno Regina in JL Yarn Vinca. Pink! Lauretta loved it. Blocked it on my shiny new blocking wires which were a fabulous birthday gift from my mum. ❤

I finished my Clover socks.
Clover by Kate Blackburn, fun to knit, in my handdyed in a “gradient” that was actually just kind of mostly purple. Brand! New! Picture! I blame my lightless dorm room partly for why I don’t blog. Pictures are crap. Blah.

Socks for granddaddy:
“No one has ever paid such attention to my feet!” Dec 10-20, 2009. Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock in “China Blue.”

Clapotis for mom:
no picture! Sadpants.
Clapotis by Kate Gilbert, in BMFA Mediumweight “Tanzanite”: October 26-December 21, 2009. Purple! Shiny. Excellent.

Also in December was Finals Week and a personal ass-kicking, as well as winter break. I went home and promptly spent every day sleeping, writing, internetting, eating at weird hours, running occasionally in the mornings, and knitting. I ignored Daegmund the whole time and felt bad. Oh well. Made many plans. Spent time with friends. Enjoyed myself!

In January, I finished some Christmas presents, such as Dad’s gloves and Disco the hedgehog:
gloves by DROPS, 12/22/09-1/14/10, KnitPicks Gloss.

Hello terrible dorm picture! This was for Sarah. Smith by Ysolda Teague, with Cascade 220 and Berocco alpaca and fluff. 12/24/09-1/21/10.

The Whirlpool socks from my personal sock club got started and finished…
December 2, 2009 – January 3, 2010. Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock in “Lakeview,” plus beads!!!!!!!!

ALSO, my pride and joy of the month:
DNA hat
The motherfucking DNA hat.

LOL. omg. So excellent. I had to knit it three times because it was too small EVERY TIME. Fuck you colorwork. Whatever.

Anyway. In the end, successful. January 1-19, 2010, Cascade 220, no pattern, just the chart on my Ravelry page (above).

Finished winter break with a whole lot more of the same, and came back to school. Had an impromptu “airing of the stash” all over my bed.
Not bad, eh? Still not buying more yarn. I just need to not.

Oh, also forgot, new fun incarnation of the sock yarn blanket!
This one is the Ten Stitch Blanket that I saw Erin knitting and waaaaaaaaannntteddd. So I ripped out the squares and went to town.

I started two new pairs of socks, also. My shitty shitty photography does not do these two justice, because they are both SUPER AWESOME.

The first (started at home) is York and Lancaster by the Lisa Grossman (the Tsock Tsarina). I bought the kit at Rhinebeck, and I adore it. Except that it has colorwork and pattern and is WAY TOO HARD to work on while also taking notes in Organic Chem and Biology of Macromolecules. FUCK. I love these. They are not getting worked on. ;_;

Also, Viper Pilots, still super awesome, still too hard to work on and take notes. Wah! I want them. Yarn is Neota Designs Zephyr in “Mountain Majesty” or something. Estes Park.

AAAAAANNNDDDD finally, what I actually HAVE been working on because it was easy enough:
One Row Scarf and Fetchings for Mary in Malabrigo “Amoroso.” No picture because I can’t get my camera to acknowledge a) light or b) saturation, so fuck it. Whatever. It’s very red.

and technically I’m still working on my Bayerische socks, but remember when we talked about things being too hard to work on while note-taking? These are too brain-consuming to even work on while doing fuck-all else. What.


Welcome to February. See you guys in May, probably.

Or for Ravelympics, which at this point I’m participating in with my goal being KNIT ANYTHING EVER.


non-video post

I was going to do a video post for simplicity’s sake, but it was too difficult. Go figure.


Charade socks are coming along– I’m past the heel turn by now, and have finished the gussets. Yesterday at work I separated them from one another and I am working them one at a time. Not that this is particularly logical, given that the repeat is so short row-wise, but they seem to go faster. Also one sock was less unwieldy than two yesterday when I was knitting AT WORK because it was SO SLOW, so there.

sock yarn blanketsock yarn blanket

Sock yarn blanket has 1.5 new squares: the green one, and the teal one. I love this blanket. That is all.


Last, I’m about 12 or 13 rows from the bind-off of this shawl, but it’s SO BIG by now that each row takes me 45 minutes. Plus nupps. It’s lovely, though, and the only thing I’m worried about is the liiiiiiittle tiny ball of yarn that exists now. Hopefully it can carry me through.

Bayerische socks are abandoned, because they’re hard! There’s no convenient time or place to work on them. Bah. Qiviut cowl is coming along, slowly but surely. It’s about 3/4 of the way done.

Today, I’m working at the LYS, and may have convinced one of the ladies from real!work to come in and learn how to knit. Hooray!

socks for a manly man

among other things! I’m posting my WIPs separately, so you can appreciate them best. =D

I’m knitting a pair of socks for the Playwright. He has big feet. Probably even bigger than my dad’s feet. Size 13. I’m going to be knitting forever.

Flamingo Pie Thuja socks

Fortunately, they are entertaining enough. They’re simple, but that’s nice, especially since I’m approaching exams right now.

The socks are Thuja socks, and I’m knitting them in Dream in Color Smooshy in “Flamingo Pie.” The cuffs went quickly enough, but they’re a mere 6″ high, and the sock/shoe size converter said that size 13 feet are 11.87″ long. Wtf. So big.

Flamingo Pie Thuja socks

But they sure are pretty, aren’t they?

I’m also still working on my Ballet Camisole and my Aeolian shawl.

Ballet Camisole

The cami is pretty uninteresting to look at. I got through the body decreases, and am working on the increases now. It’s plain stockinette, so again, good for studying.

Beach Fog Aeolian

The Aeolian is coming along nicely. I’m already working on the second to last chart, but that makes me nervous because it doesn’t look like I’ve used even half the yarn, and that it’ll turn out really small. I’ve seen how lace grows in blocking, but if I haven’t even used that much yarn…? Don’t know. if I get to the end and find it’s tiny, I am happy to rip it out and knit the “shawl” size rather than the “shoulderette” size. Such is knitting life. I’ve gotten a lot better at being willing to rip out and restart things.

The socks are getting the most action at the moment. I want to finish them by June so I can give them to the PW for an anniversary present. Yeah.

Two and a Half Weeks

I have two and a half (ish) weeks left in school, then a week or so of exams, and then I can go home for the summer. Hooray! This first year at the ‘Ford has been AMAZING, but I’m ready to be home with my family and my cats and my boy and my lucrative summer job. =P

I frogged the Henley. It wasn’t right. I ripped back to the arm join, knit the whole body again, put it on, looked at it in the mirror, and said, “Nope.” So I frogged the whole thing with my roommate’s help, and the yarn is back in the stash. I think if anything I need to wash it to give it a shiny new face. But I do have a plan for it.

So instead I started a camisole!

Ballet Camisole

If I had the lighting for a pretty artsy shot, I’d take it, but it’s raining again and it’s been gray all day. Bleh.

The yarn for this is Valley Yarns Southwick, and the pattern is the Ballet Camisole originally published in MagKnits. The yarn is cotton/bamboo, so it’s hard on my hands, but it’s very smooth and pretty and pink.

Plus with all the reading and stuff I’m doing right now, the stockinette is soothing and easy. The other things I’m working on (Herringbone Rib, Bayersiche, Aeolian) are not simple projects, though all of them are beautiful. The Herringbones are actually past the heel, so half the knitting is stockinette, but the other half is pay-attention-to-me and hard to do in the dark/while reading/etc.

I have another project in mind, in the beginning stages of planning, but it’s a little more secret. Sort of.

Mossy Rock Cascade 220

Aww yeah. Cascade 220 to the max. So excited. I need some more measurements taken, but I’m ready to jump in and start this any day.

An update on the Princess Sweater for mum, you ask? Why no, it’s not finished. My sister is taking her sweet time knitting that other sleeve, and my mum doesn’t really mind. I only mind because it makes my Ravelry page look like I have way too many WIPs, when really it’s only four. Or five. Or so.

I should be reading. Critical essays on the meanings of Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray. I do not love my Writing Seminar (although I do love Dorian Gray).

April Begins

I’m so happy to see Spring coming. I love Winter, it’s true (birthday! Christmas! New Years!), but the snowy season needs to end, and I’m excited for sun and lounging on the green like a college kid.

I thought I’d finished more since I last posted, but it looks like 2 weeks was enough to finish two pairs of socks and start 100 new things. I ripped out my Alaska Mittens and my long-neglected Socktober Stockinette socks, both of which had spent too long in the land of “maybe” and needed to be liberated.

Now, finished things! Two finished pairs of socks! The first pair I’m actually going to wait to show, because they are a birthday present for a friend, and while [friend] probably doesn’t read, I want them to be a surprise. Plus on the feet will make a good picture.

The other pair was my pair of Chapman Springs Leyburn socks. I was inspired by the Socks that Rawk!” Ravelry group, which was having a Leyburn Socks knit along, from January to March. I cast on March 16th, the day after I finished [socks mentioned above], and finished them in 10 days (March 26th). I knit them out of STR Mediumweight in “Chapman Springs” (evident), and I love them. They were such fun to knit (US 2s) and fit fabulously. And they’re squishy and comfy and cozy, like STR socks are wont to be.

Chapman Springs Leyburn socks

I paused in the middle to knit a quick square for the Sock Yarn Blanket, but other than that used almost every inch of yarn. They are awesome. I’m going to go put them on.

Okay so I lied about the two-things-today thing. Thing. I should also post some WIP pictures, for the sake of it, because I always forget to. Today is beautiful out, so hopefully I’ll have good light for pictures (envision me running off to take them now).

Also there is a Cricket game going on outside my window (the ‘Ford has the only Varsity Cricket team in the country), and it has been going on since I woke up at 9 this morning. What the hell. Cricket is weird.

Okay but anyway. The first thing I have on the needles still are my Bayerische socks, which don’t look much different from the last time I mentioned them. I have put them in the bowl on the windowsill beside my bed, so that when I am in the vicinity, I will work on them.

Sitting on the floor by my desk (so that I will work on it if I have Blackboard [online] reading, or am listening to podcasts or watching House), is my Henley. I ripped it out a few weeks ago, and have been working on it not as steadily (crazily) as I did before. That’s okay– it will be fabulous when I finish, and it will fit too. I’m about 8″ down from the arms, and I’ve started the very gradual I-have-hips shaping (once every 11 rounds).


Mr. Bear is baffled.

Living in my backpack (so I’ll work on them in class) are my Herringbone Rib Socks, from Carol J. Sulcoski of Go Knit in Your Hat‘s book Knitting Socks with Handpainted Yarns.


I love them! They are beautiful, but they are a lot of work. These are not pattern-one-row-knit-the-next socks. There are two rows, and both of them are patternful, one of them is more labor-intensive than the other. So they’re slow-going, but I like working on them. The yarn is Black Bunny Fibers handpainted sock yarn in “The Deep.” I got it at Loop in Philly when I went for the KSWHY book signing there. Fun fun. Beautiful yarn.


And oh baby, look at that herringbone.

But most on my mind right now is the Aeolian Shawl from the Spring 2009 Knitty. The original is done with beads, but I couldn’t wait to get beads. The yarn is Dream in Color Baby in “Beach Fog,” which I got at Ewe and I in Narberth last fall. Yum yum yum. I missed lace knitting.


I hope it’ll be done after I get home, so I can block it at home. Dorm rugs are not conducive.

Yay spring!

Pi Day!

Was yesterday. But my mommy sent me a package that I have yet to receive that I expect will be full of pie. Oh boy!

So I’m back from Spring Break, which could probably be put down as the worst spring break I’ve ever had, but I’m not really going to go into it. It was shitty, and I know why, and I can’t wait for another opportunity to go home instead. South Carolina, however, was beautiful, I love the beach, and I think I have a tan, too.

South Carolina

Today, instead of working on a paper I need to have revised for tomorrow evening (I did a little editing, I swear), I’ve spent some of my time organizing a stash-based sock club for myself. Squee! I’m so outrageously excited about this. Here’s what I did:

1. Remove all stash from sexy clear hanging yarn-rack, and put it on the bed.
2. Admire yarn.
3. Label envelopes with each yarn’s name and colorway.
4. Choose patterns for each yarn.
5. Print/obtain each pattern and put it in each yarn’s envelope.
6. Seal the envelopes.
7. Put all the yarn back in the yarn-rack.
8. When ready for a new pair of socks, grab a yarn and its pattern!
9. Be surprised and delighted!
10. Knit awesome socks all year!

newly organized sock club!

I had 11 sock yarns ready for a pattern. Or, maybe 10, because one of those yarns is supposed to be for the Playwright’s very boring and plain socks. I’m going to knit him Thuja socks instead of boring socks, out of Dream in Color Smooshy.

Flamingo Pie Thujas, prepared

It’s a bit like cheating, but I’ve also got the next two pairs of socks I want to knit planned. Once I finish my Eleanors, I either want to knit a pair of Leyburn socks out of STR in “Chapman Springs,” or a pair of Herringbone Rib socks from Knitting Socks with Handpainted Yarn in Black Bunny Fibers in “The Deep.” It seems fitting to pair a Carol Sucolski yarn with a pattern from her book! So excited.

Some pictures! Works in progress!

The might-never-get-finished Alaska mittens that I’m sort of working on. Sort of.

The sock yarn blanket, which at 35 squares is now almost wide enough (one more), and is 21% complete. Woo hoo!

Eleanor socks, about to get toes. Knit out of Mind’s Eye Yarns Merino/Tencel, on US 2s.

The Bayerische challenge. Knit out of Cascade Heritage, on US 1s.

Yay socks!

Okay, seriously, I need to work on my paper.

bag blogger bad blogger

what’cha gonna do? what’cha gonna do when they come for you?

anyway. it’s february.

it has snowed a lot here recently (I’m back at school now). yesterday it started snowing early in the morning and kept on until late last night. i went out and played in it, and there was a big snow ball fight around 11 (pm), which was tons of crazy college fun. this morning, it was pretty out my window:

I love snow.

Winter makes for good knitting! So what have I been up to?

I got back to school on Monday the 19th. On Sunday the 25th, I headed into Philly to go to the book signing at Loop Yarn on South Street. The book was Knitting Socks with Handpainted Yarn by Carol Sulcoski of Go Knit in Your Hat. It was excellent! I love Philadelphia so much.

Philly, 1/25/09
Me and the Schuylkill River.

Philly, 1/25/09

Philly, 1/25/09
I want to live here.

I didn’t take any pictures of Loop or Carol, because I was shy, but she signed my book and we chatted a bit, and then I ate M&Ms and talked to another woman about knitting two socks at the same time.

Also I bought some of her yarn: Black Bunny Fibers
The Deep
Tucked in my bag at the train station.

The Deep
The yarn is fingering weight superwash merino, and the colorway is called “The Deep.” These are so my colors. Colors of my life.

So then the next weekend, my sister visited me!
my sister visited me!
Beyond fun. She’s great. Did I mention that beyond graduating this year, she’s going to college next year? Hooray!

She’s also getting on Ravelry soon. Go Sarah go! Knit!

Okay so THEN I finished ML’s mittens for her:
Swirly Mittens

Start: December 13, 2008
Finish: January 30, 2009
Pattern: Kiehkuralapaset- Swirly Mittens
Yarn: Elsabeth Lavold Silky Wool in black, some of my handdyed in “Firebrand,” and a little Schaefer Anne in an unknown colorway to finish out the top. This addition makes these mittens less than awesome in my book, but ML wears them all the time, and so if she’s happy, I’m happy.
Needles: US 2.

Swirly MittensSwirly Mittens

After those were done, I turned my attention to my Rhythm ‘n’ Blues Monkey socks.

Rhythm n' Blues Monkeys

Start: December 4, 2008
Finish: February 1, 2009
Pattern: Monkey by Cookie A.
Yarn: Fannie’s Fingering Weight
Needles: US 2

The Playwright got me this yarn in SoHo this summer, from Purl SoHo, and it is wonderful. It was fabulous to knit with, and the color combination is so fun and so me. I love these socks.

Rhythm n' Blues Monkeys

I did also finish a Turn a Square hat, but I think its recipient reads the blog, and I want it to be a random surprise. So I’ll post about that later!

I almost forgot to mention two OTHER things I finished since the last post: Baudelaires and my mum’s silk mittens.


Start: January 2, 2009
Finish: January 19, 2009
Pattern: Baudelaire by Cookie A.
Yarn: Dream in Color Smooshy, “Lunar Zazzle”
Needles: US 2 (I’m a fan)

These socks are great! I knit them toe up, and I think they’re actually a little long because I went by full leaf motifs. If I had been less obsessed about full leaf motifs, they might be more snug. But they are comfy, and they’re gorgeous.

Finally (bad picture coming up), I finished my mom’s mittens for her birthday

Mum's Silk Mittens

The idea behind these was that I found a lone mitten tucked in a bag with a ball of yarn. The mitten was beautiful, but too long for my mom (fit me perfectly). I wanted to give it a mate, so I cast on very sneakily (not) and knit up the mitten’s mate in the same yarn, on needles I thought would match the gauge (they did, clever me). Then I cut off the top of mitten #1, which had been knit flat and seamed, and knit up again to the same length as mitten #2, all the time keeping a purl line as a false seam. So mitten #1 has a half-way seam and mitten #2 does not. Success! Everything went swimmingly, and I think mum really likes them.

Start: January 14, 2009
Finish: January 15, 2009
Pattern: none
Yarn: Schachenmayer Nomotta – Saskia in silver/gray
Needles: US 4, bamboo

I think that covers everything up to now. Are these extensive FO posts just too insane, or are they ok? I like to keep track of what I finish, so I’m content doing this, and I like sharing the pictures too. I blog when I have time, yo. College is crazy. I love it.

Nearly forgot: WIPs! I know, right.

I am currently knitting:
1 commissioned headband for LCS, for whom I knit the Crofter’s Cowl in December
1 pair of mittens for myself: probably going to get frogged because I’m almost positive there isn’t enough yarn
1 original design henley sweater out of Brooks Farm Four Play in a fabulous blue. I have these coinesque buttons that I got at the mountain man festival or whatever in Montana, and I lost one, so I only have 3. Thus, the sweater will only open to about mid-boob, and be a pullover south of that. I’m knitting it top-down with raglan shaping, and I love it.

The end! Come back soon. Whew. I need to update more often to save myself all the typing.

oh dear

Hello blog (blowing the dust off).  I haven’t forgotten about you, I swear.  It’s only that I’ve been very busy with school and everything, lots of knitting, etc, but not a lot of time to take pictures of things.  You understand.  Most of the time now I’m out and about from 8 until 4, and by 4 the light’s all gone and my room’s getting dark.

But as it is, I am still knitting, lots and lots.  I’ve got most of my Christmas knitting done, and I’m working on the last two gifts for my immediate family (omg!).  I’d show you my dad’s socks now, but I forgot to take a picture of those today, so I’ll take it tomorrow and promise to come back and show.  He’s seen them, already, and tried them on, so that’s no secret.

The other gift is more secret, so that will have to wait.

I also gave DN and JP their Christmas presents, so perhaps I’ll get pictures of them in them tomorrow. DN says she lay in her bed last night wearing her mittens and watching Gossip Girl. She’s a bit strange.

However! I do have pictures of other things. Today I got my package from the Loopy Ewe which I ordered as a party for myself for finishing my novel in November (you might have noticed the little box in the corner over there).
The Loopy Ewe package

TLE noteTLE goodies
cute note from Sheri, plus goodies

Spiralucious, by Anne Hanson
Spiraluscious pattern by Anne Hanson

sheep tape measure
Sheepy tape measure (silly addition, but so far very amusing)

Cascade 220
Cascade 220 for the cowl (mentioned later)

Mountain Colors Targhee top
Mountain Colors Targhee roving (mom, I’m under the impression the wait list for the fiber processing is very long…)

LL sock Lakeview, China Blue
Four skeins of sock yarn, all Lorna’s Laces, in “Lakeview” (variegated) and “China Blue” (solid).

Also I started a pair of Monkey socks for myself (pair #3), and this one is not going to wander off because it’s in yarn that the Playwright got me in New York, and it is wonderful.

Rhythm n Blues monkeys

Finally for today, I have started (and half-completed) a cowl for a girl who I work with at the Arboretum. I’m knitting the Crofter’s Cowl (her choice) in Cascade 220 in a beautiful heathered teal (which I got from TLE). It looks bad in the dark light of my room, but it’s pretty, and she is very excited.

Crofter's Cowl

So for tomorrow! I need to do lots more photographing, but also lots of work, so we’ll see how that goes. Also this afternoon, while knitting, I finished “Post Captain,” and will probably start listening to “H.M.S. Surprise” tomorrow or Sunday.

More hats, more things

Wow, so I was updating my little widgets on the side there, and got a bit embarassed that it had been NEARLY A MONTH since I posted, since in that time I have finished multiple things and started multiple more.

I’m still working on my Christmas presents.  I finished two hats, one for each of my Oregon grandparents.

This one is for my grandmother:

Start: October 20, 2008
Finished: October 22, 2008
Pattern: Foliage by Emilee Mooney
Yarn: Noro Kureyon in color 147
Needles: US 10, but I made the smaller size and it came out perfectly

I was surprised with how nicely the Noro striped to fill the leaves in this pattern. I was a little afraid when it first started to seriously stripe that it would look weird and crazy, but I think it looks really nice. ^_^

The next hat is for my grandfather:
Jacques Couseau

Start: October 22, 2008
Finished: October 27, 2008
Pattern: Jacques Cousteau hat by Typy
Yarn: O-Wool Classic in white and blue, left over from my Elinor tunic
Needles: US 8

This pattern for whatever reason gave me a whole lot of trouble. I tried to decrease in the ribbing and had to rip it out over and over, either because I wasn’t getting the look I wanted, or the decrease was taking too long and making the hat pointy, or it was just weird. I don’t know why it was so difficult, but there it is.

Also, I didn’t get to show you yet my finished Hemlock Ring Blanket!

Start:May 30, 2008
Finish:October 20, 2008
Pattern: Hemlock Ring Blanket by Jared Flood
Yarn: Blue Moon handspun, and Cascade 220 in lilac
Needles US 10.5 circulars

It’s smaller than I expected, but it’s beautiful, and keeps my lap warm when I sit on my bed to work on homework or on my computer. I love it. I blocked it on my floor first over towels, but then I removed the towels and stretched it a little more with push pins in the rug, which worked shockingly well.

The two new things I’m working on are my Christmas presents for JP and DN, my roommmates. I’m making DN a pair of mittens, because she asked, and now that I’ve overcome their sheer defiance, they are coming out nicely.

I have one mitten finished and the other one started.

JP is getting a hat, with simple colorwork: every row has two colors just alternating, making a check pattern, and every eight rows I will switch out one of the colors and continue on with the second one and a new color, so that it is all blendy and continuous. So far so good. Simple knitting.


Otherwise, I just keep knitting and working and going to class. I’ve started a painting class that replaced my photo class for this quarter, and that’s a big giant challenge because I know very little about painting, but color is fun. Also, if you noticed the button on the sidebar, I’m writing for NaNoWriMo, so it might be another month before I post again. So it goes.

Dad came up yesterday for Parent’s Weekend, and we went and hung out in Philly and went to Loop. I bought sock yarn for his Christmas socks, regardless of whether I finish them by Christmas or not, and it’s lovely yarn. Lorna’s Laces Shepard Sock. Fun!

This is Huge

Look. Look what I have on the needles, according to Ravelry. Look at my Works In Progress. There are only three!


Click to make it bigger, because this is such a big deal. I’m down to the wire! These are projects I’ve been working on forever, and keep getting put aside because I have other things I want to knit, or I get tired of them, or, as in the case of the blanket, they are such enormous endeavors with such a long time frame that they just sit there and lurk and don’t grow very quickly.

I admit, the one thing not represented here is the Socktoberfest Socks that I started as an on-hand-easy-project, but I took the needles out and used them for other things, and they’re just stuffed in a bag on my bookshelf with waste yarn in and no fate.

I also had started some socks for the SKA Sockdown! October, but I wasn’t enjoying them. They were pretty, and neatly constructed, but I didn’t want to work on them. So I allowed myself to frog them and put the yarn back. I am content.

ANYWAY. The point is, I finished the Fuzzy Mitten Lamb, but I mailed it to Ghana without taking a picture. Plus it’ll be a way better picture in Ghana with Molly than here in my dorm room.

Also, I finished Miss Maisie’s little dress, and it looks great on Mr. Bear.

Maisie's Little Dress

Start: September 28
Finish: October 7
Yarn: Valley Yarns Southwick, cotton/bamboo, in pink!
Needles: US 5
Little sister’s dress by Tora Frøseth Design

Super cute! I love it. It’s so soft and adorable and pink. It needs buttons, but I have a place for those.

Maisie's Little Dress

Now I’ll spend time over break working on my Endpaper Mitts and the Hemlock Ring blanket, and knock some stuff out! I want to finish the mitts, but I’m worried I won’t have enough of the Katia alpaca to finish. We’ll see.