It’s been six and a half million years since I was here. Dinosaurs literally walked the earth last time I posted. Okay.

Last time you saw me, I was at Rhinebeck in October. What.

I wrote a novel: ongoing! Original goal of National Novel Writing Month is 50,000 words in 30 days. I have 90,000 now, after 3 months. It’s almost done. Sort of.

I finished Juno for my grandmother for Christmas.
10/21/09-11/13/09, Juno Regina in JL Yarn Vinca. Pink! Lauretta loved it. Blocked it on my shiny new blocking wires which were a fabulous birthday gift from my mum. ❤

I finished my Clover socks.
Clover by Kate Blackburn, fun to knit, in my handdyed in a “gradient” that was actually just kind of mostly purple. Brand! New! Picture! I blame my lightless dorm room partly for why I don’t blog. Pictures are crap. Blah.

Socks for granddaddy:
“No one has ever paid such attention to my feet!” Dec 10-20, 2009. Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock in “China Blue.”

Clapotis for mom:
no picture! Sadpants.
Clapotis by Kate Gilbert, in BMFA Mediumweight “Tanzanite”: October 26-December 21, 2009. Purple! Shiny. Excellent.

Also in December was Finals Week and a personal ass-kicking, as well as winter break. I went home and promptly spent every day sleeping, writing, internetting, eating at weird hours, running occasionally in the mornings, and knitting. I ignored Daegmund the whole time and felt bad. Oh well. Made many plans. Spent time with friends. Enjoyed myself!

In January, I finished some Christmas presents, such as Dad’s gloves and Disco the hedgehog:
gloves by DROPS, 12/22/09-1/14/10, KnitPicks Gloss.

Hello terrible dorm picture! This was for Sarah. Smith by Ysolda Teague, with Cascade 220 and Berocco alpaca and fluff. 12/24/09-1/21/10.

The Whirlpool socks from my personal sock club got started and finished…
December 2, 2009 – January 3, 2010. Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock in “Lakeview,” plus beads!!!!!!!!

ALSO, my pride and joy of the month:
DNA hat
The motherfucking DNA hat.

LOL. omg. So excellent. I had to knit it three times because it was too small EVERY TIME. Fuck you colorwork. Whatever.

Anyway. In the end, successful. January 1-19, 2010, Cascade 220, no pattern, just the chart on my Ravelry page (above).

Finished winter break with a whole lot more of the same, and came back to school. Had an impromptu “airing of the stash” all over my bed.
Not bad, eh? Still not buying more yarn. I just need to not.

Oh, also forgot, new fun incarnation of the sock yarn blanket!
This one is the Ten Stitch Blanket that I saw Erin knitting and waaaaaaaaannntteddd. So I ripped out the squares and went to town.

I started two new pairs of socks, also. My shitty shitty photography does not do these two justice, because they are both SUPER AWESOME.

The first (started at home) is York and Lancaster by the Lisa Grossman (the Tsock Tsarina). I bought the kit at Rhinebeck, and I adore it. Except that it has colorwork and pattern and is WAY TOO HARD to work on while also taking notes in Organic Chem and Biology of Macromolecules. FUCK. I love these. They are not getting worked on. ;_;

Also, Viper Pilots, still super awesome, still too hard to work on and take notes. Wah! I want them. Yarn is Neota Designs Zephyr in “Mountain Majesty” or something. Estes Park.

AAAAAANNNDDDD finally, what I actually HAVE been working on because it was easy enough:
One Row Scarf and Fetchings for Mary in Malabrigo “Amoroso.” No picture because I can’t get my camera to acknowledge a) light or b) saturation, so fuck it. Whatever. It’s very red.

and technically I’m still working on my Bayerische socks, but remember when we talked about things being too hard to work on while note-taking? These are too brain-consuming to even work on while doing fuck-all else. What.


Welcome to February. See you guys in May, probably.

Or for Ravelympics, which at this point I’m participating in with my goal being KNIT ANYTHING EVER.


Project Spectrum… Fire…

hahahaha. I just realized that today is the VERY LAST day of Project Spectrum’s “fire” theme, and I have cast on Ann Budd’s Diagonal Rib Socks in my handdyed colorway… Firebrand.

Red/orange/yellow is a color theme I almost NEVER knit. But I’m knitting it now, at the end of the PS time. I suck.


These are actually for the Ravelry March Sockdown knitalong, which I wasn’t planning on being part of this month, but I finally found an Ann Budd pattern I liked. The other ones weren’t speaking to me, but this one should be simple enough to be a quick knit.

Because I need more things on the needles right now.

Current Queue:
Icarus (graduation)
Diagonal Rib Socks
Caribbean Blue Hat (with my handspun)
Drunken Bees socks
Endpaper Mitts

I’m a knitting fiend!

Also I finally finished my Seaflower Monkeys. But they need their own post, I think.

The Firestarter

There must be something about extraordinary grief, frustration, anger, and self-pity that makes me knit like a train.

I mean that in the “speedy” sense, not the “steam engine whistle” sense. What?

I’ve been knitting a lot. A LOT. An almost absurd amount. I keep starting things and needing to knit and feel a sense of accomplishment, because it feels a lot like the rest of my world has been crushed like a can and there’s nothing I can do about it but knit. I feel trapped inside my own head, with all my ugly, angry, pathetic thoughts, and sometimes knitting helps, and sometimes it sticks me back in there as I stare at my hands.

I really miss my dad (he’s probably reading, hi dad!). He’s staying at my aunt’s house while they are in Australia, and taking care of their dog, and not getting up at 5am to drive an hour to get to work. He comes home on weekends, and it sucks. I really miss him, because everything is in upheaval and my mom works late one night a week and goes out another night, and I just haven’t been getting the attention I want. Maybe that’s selfish; it’s been all about me and crying and my pitiful self for the last six weeks, but my mom, I think, pays more attention to my (younger) sister than to me. She assumes I can take care of myself, and that’s true most of the time, but having my dad around means the attention is more evened out. I guess I’m tired of (or annoyed by) taking care of myself: I want someone to take care of me!

Since J and I broke up (cheating fucker) I’ve felt really lonely and lost. It’s getting better, I guess, but I’m hoping this is the depression stage so that I can move maybe on into acceptance. I saw a picture of him and his new little whore the other night, and I just lost it. I really hate thinking about him, and everything we did, and everything we had, and what I shoulda-woulda-coulda done, and blah blah blah bullshit.

I think knitting is helping. I guess knitting is helping. It feels like the one stable thing I can hold on to is my own knitting skillz, and that’s made me knit a bit like a madwoman. I’ve finished three things in March already– the Elefante, the hat, and now my Firestarters– and I can’t help myself. I keep starting things and knitting and being a bit insane.

I’m also spreading the bug. Molly came by Lovelyarns on Saturday and bought some bulky alpaca for her second scarf. I’m going to teach her how to do ribbing. Franny hasn’t been coming to knitting at lunch lately, but she’s got things to do I imagine. Julie picked knitting up again and told me a number of times how funny it was and hahaha she was doing it as her action for “old people” in acting class. I was like, Julie, hello, knitting isn’t just for your grandmother anymore, and she said, “Oh I knit her a scarf once!” Then in Physics she wouldn’t shut her mouth about how boring it was, and I was quite short tempered. STFU.

I miss my dad. I miss my shitty ex’s attention. He’s in town for his spring break (after spending the weekend boning his slut) and it’s the first time in two years that his being on break isn’t about us being together. It fucking sucks.

I want to knit selfishly and do nothing else. I want to work full time on my senior project. I started carding today and it was pretty sweet, although now my hands are tired. I have a long road ahead of me in the carding department.

Dude, I was totally going to post about my Firestarter socks that I finished this evening, but I obviously had other things on my brain.

I miss my dad.