I’m so unbelievably happy it’s October. I don’t know why. I should be terrified. I should be scared of the Holiday Craft Show, and of my college applications, and of the cold of winter sneaking in while I’m not looking. But for some reason, I went to sleep very happy last night (after buying the most expensive yarn I have ever bought), and woke up this morning feeling good and October-y. I think I love the fall. I love the color the sky gets, and I love how it’s cool in the mornings and at night, and I can sleep under warm blankets and take warm showers, and I love how it get comfortably warm in the afternoon so I can sit outside if I want to (or get to), or go for a walk, and still wear my t-shirts. I love how the trees look in transition, and I love school. It’s true! I love school! I don’t always want to get up and go in the morning, but I love school.

I even love physics.

And I think I’m set for Socktoberfest. My goal: finish J’s socks, finish dad’s socks, and get pairs for the Monkey and the Coupling socks. It’s not a huge goal. I’m not going to try to knit 9 pairs of socks in a month or anything, while I’m try to knit stuff for the craft show, but I think if I hate the Coupling socks still by November, I will sell them. For lots of money. And value my skilled handiwork. I’m going to do it.

I think I’m going to set aside my sleeve for the month. Maybe even until after college apps are done, unless I need it for comfort. No rules. I’m going to work on the craft show things, but I usually take two projects to school, and while I know my red scarf will not be done for October 15th, I’m okay with that. I’ll save it, and mail it next year. So I’ll work on my Woodins log, but also J’s socks. I need to do the increases for the heel, and they’re coming along, two at a time.

For the pairs I’m making– that is, the second socks– I’m going to do THEM two at once. At the same time. But different socks! It’s going to rock. I’m excited.

And then dad’s socks. I’m on the fence about the I Love Gansey pattern from the SixSox knitalong. I think I prefer Bayerische. I need to test-knit. Then I will pick. Then maybe I’ll even knit them two-at-once. I like doing them at the same time.

I’m feeling good about October. I’m happy!